Downloadable Phillies scorecard & baseball scorecards

For those of you interested in scoring games, here are a few different baseball scorecards you can use. They aren't exactly professional quality scorecards, but they certainly do the trick. They are available as Excel files for you to download and print.


Phillies Baseball Scorecard
Here is a basic scorecard with the Phillies logo

Basic Baseball Scorecard
This scorecard is about as basic as they get.

Standard Baseball Scorecard
This scorecard has pretty much all the details you want in a scorecard without completlely overloading you with details.

Baseball Scorecard with pitch chart
This scorecard is essentially identical to the scorecard above, but with this one you can chart all of the pitches, as well.


If you need a book of scorecards, here are a few from Amazon that might work. Here also is a page of baseball scoring apps you may want to check out.


If you aren't an expert scorekeeper, here are a few books you can grab to sharpen your scorekeeping skills.


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