Letter from Bill Giles before Phillies 1993 Season
by Scott Butler 4/2/09

Maybe I am acting overly nostalgic, but I think you have to check out this letter from Bill Giles of the Phillies. Before the Phillies 1993 season, I was an eighth grader and wrote a letter to Bill Giles, like any freakishly obsessed kid would do. Shockingly to me, Bill Giles actually wrote me back himself. The first page is interesting simply because it shows how all the pieces came together in '93.

But the really interesting part is the second page, where he references an article with quotes from Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves. In the article, Bobby Cox closes by saying he wouldn't be at all surprised if the Braves played the Phillies in the playoffs, which is exactly what happened. An article like that wouldn't mean much this year, but don't forget that the Phils finished dead last the previous season. I lost the actual article, but if I track it down, I will post it here. If someone could find it for me that would be terrific.

                   Letter from Bill Giles page 1

                         Letter from Bill Giles page two

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