Phillies Phodder 9/15: Phillies links, stories, and tweets from the past week
by Scott Butler 9/15/18

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There is just so much content out there for fans these days, it's hard to keep track of what to read and not to read. That's what we are here for. Here is a sampling of some of the best stories from the past week, plus a few interesting tweets. Enjoy!

Amid tough season, Mallee confident in philosophy

Todd Zolecki,

This is a very interesting Q&A with Phillies hitting Coach John Malle. Zolecki asks a lot of tough questions, and the answers are revealing. Of what, I have no clue, but it is well worth the read.


The 2018 Phillies. So what the heck was that?

Bob Ford, (subscription required)

I love the first line to this story:

The lone saving grace of the Phillies' late tumble from postseason contention was that the baseball they played while exiting the race wasn't much uglier than what they played while taking part.


Taking a look at the pitchers who have been hurt the most by their defenses

Mark Simon, The Athletic (subscription required)

The Phillies have three of the top five pitchers this season whose defense has cost them the most runs. Should that affect how we look at their futures with the team going forward?


As a season wanes, a complex set of decisions awaits the Phillies

David Murphy, (subscription required)

A look into what lies ahead for the Phillies.


The 2018 Phillies don't care about your 7.00 ERA

Corey Seidman, NBC Sports Philadelphia

Corey reminds of just how awful the Phillies have performed against bad pitchers, young pitchers, and bad young pitchers.


And here's a few fun tweets:

Rhys Hoskins goes under cover (and I'm not talking about the mustache):

This old school commercial is great:

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