Phillies Opening Day history
by Scott Butler 3/29/19

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Before you flip on the TV for the Philllies’ 137th Opening Day in franchise history, here’s a little Opening Day trivia for you. Quick disclaimer: These stats only include openers that literally occur on Opening Day. Home openers that occur after game number one are not included.

Phillies Opening Day Records

Phillies overall Opening Day record: 66-70-2

Phillies Opening Day record – Home Games: 23-35-1

Phillies Opening Day record – Road Games: 41-35-1

Phillies Opening Day Record by Decade since 1960:

1960’s: 8-2

1970’s: 5-5

1980’s: 5-5

1990’s: 3-7

2000’s: 3-7

2010’s: 4-5

Phillies Opening Day Starters

--The Phillies have used 52 different Opening Day starting pitchers in their 134 seasons.

Here are the Top Five Phillies Opening Day starters in games pitched:

Steve Carlton – 14 starts (3–9 record)

Robin Roberts - 12 starts (5–6 record)

Chris Short - 6 starts (3–1 record)

Curt Schilling – 5 starts (2–0 record)

Grover Cleveland Alexander – 4 starts (decisions unknown)

--Aaron Nola will make his second consecutive Opening Day start (2 total)

-- Robin Roberts holds the Phillies' record for most wins in Opening Day starts with five.

Phillies Opening Day record by stadium (for games played at home only):

Shibe Park (11–3)

Baker Bowl (8-17-1)

Recreation Park (1–2)

Veterans Stadium (2-8)

Citizens Bank Park (1–5)

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