Phillies team leaders and notes - September 8
by Scott Butler 9/8/18

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Phillies 2018 Record: 74-66
2nd Place in NL East, 2.5 games behind 1st place Braves
4-6 in their last 10 games

For the second time in 6 tries, the Phillies won the first game of a series! The Braves are in the middle of a tough stretch that continues in Arizona and San Francisco before coming home to the Nationals and then the second wilcard team Cardinals. The Phillies still get to enjoy two more with the Mets before three more losing teams in the Nationals, Mets, and Marlins. In other words, the Phillies are still in a prime position to gain some major ground against the Braves before the much-awaited 7 meetings against Atlanta.

Santana is starting to produce in September like he promised and Hoskins hit a big homer last night. If Hoskins gets hot along with Herrera and Hernandez, look out Braves!

This week's notes:

This week, I am just going to steal some information from Corey Seidman with a look at how the Phillies offense has performed during their month-long stretch without a series win (prior to last night's contest with the Mets):

Rhys Hoskins: .180 BA, .641 OPS

Odubel Herrera: .192 BA, .530 OPS

Cesar Hernandez: .219 BA, .627 OPS

Maikel Franco: .228 BA, .692 OPS

Nick Williams: .247 BA, .673 OPS

Asdrubal Cabrera: .248 BA, .715 OPS

Carlos Santana: .260 BA, .785 OPS

Scott Kingery: .262 BA, .765 OPS

Jorge Alfaro: .283 BA, .754 OPS

Roman Quinn: .339 BA, .927 OPS

Wilson Ramos: .362 BA, 1.011 OPS

Here's your leader board with 3 full weeks to go after game number 140!

Phillies Current Team Hitting Leaders (minimum 60 at-bats)

Average: Franco (.267) 
Hernandez  (.359) 
SLG: Hoskins (.486) 
OPS: Hoskins (.843)
Hoskins (28)
RBI: Hoskins (85) 
Runs: Hernandez (82) 
Extra-base hits: 
Hoskins (58)
Santana (94)
Hernandez (133) 
Hernandez (17)

Phillies Current Team Starting Pitching Leaders (minimum 10 starts) 

ERA: Nola (2.29) 
IP: Nola (188.2) 
Wins: Nola  (16)
Nola (0.96)
Strikeouts: Nola (196) 

Phillies Current Team Bullpen Leaders (minimum 20 appearances) 

ERA: Neshek (1.40
Hunter (56.0
WHIP: Dominguez (0.89
Strikeouts: Dominguez (
Morgan/Hunter (57)
Saves: Dominguez (
Holds: Hunter (

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