The Phillies have better odds to land Bryce Harper than Manny Machado
by Scott Butler 12/19/18

Machado Harper

The Machado/Harper debate is getting older than Jamie Moyer at this point. As both agents play a game of chicken and Machado makes his free agent tour, we Phillies fans are stuck waiting and anticipating and worrying and debating.

Very little substantial news has surfaced on the landing place of Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, which leaves everyone in the baseball world free to ponder, pontificate, and rumify all they want. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, and now the devil has Twitter.

These situations almost always come down exclusively to money. If either player takes anything less than the best offer, it will be the biggest shock of the offseason. But for Phillies fans who have waited so long for this very offseason, it's impossible not to pay attention to the constant rumors. When John Middleton announced his plans to be "stupid" with his money, it became that much easier to get lost in the Twitterverse.

Since Middleton's "stupid" comment, the Yankees decided to show interest in Machado. That's a frightening situation when combined with Machado's interest in playing for the Yankees.

That is likely the main reason why Sports Betting Dime reports that the Phillies have better odds to sign Harper these days. The reason is not because Harper is a better fit for the team than Machado, but because the Yankees have ramped up their own interest in Machado. The Harper sweepstakes appear more wide open.

Here are the full odds:


Phillies: +156
Dodgers: +260
Cubs: +800
Nationals: +950
FIELD: +270


Yankees: -130
Phillies: +185
White Sox: +950
Dodgers: +1550
Nationals: +3200
FIELD: +405

Of course, those odds could change the moment the Dodgers decide to trade away Puig and other players to free up cap luxury tax space for Harper. Most national reporters seem to agree that Harper will be a Phillie, while those closer to the Phillies still feel like Machado is still the more likely fit.

My feeling is that the Phils end up with Machado, but at this point, my only real hope is that we have an answer before Christmas.

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