Get ready for an offseason without Harper or Machado
by Scott Butler 12/8/18

Michael Brantley

If John Middleton wants to be "stupid" with his money, it's gonna take more than just signing Machado or Harper. I don't see them signing both players, so in order to be stupid, the Phillies have to make at least one other fairly big signing.

That signing won't come in the form of an infielder because there really aren't any. I hadn't thought about it until now, but it's one reason Machado makes a little more sense than Harper.

Just take a look at Corey Seidman's list of the 10 best remaining MLB free agents after Bryce Harper and Manny Machado:

1. OF A.J. Pollock
2. LHP Dallas Keuchel
3. OF Michael Brantley
4. RHP Craig Kimbrel
5. RHP Charlie Morton
6. LHP J.A. Happ
7. C Yasmani Grandal
8. C Wilson Ramos
9. OF Andrew McCutchen
10. Utilityman Marwin Gonzalez

There is only one infielder on the list, and he is a utilityman.

So, if the Phillies sign Harper, their only options to significantly improve the infield are through trades. That's not reason enough to turn away from Harper, but signing Bryce does make it harder to improve the club in other areas.

If they sign Machado, they still have a few easy free agent options that immediately improve the team. It's just an extra layer of intrigue in advance of the Winter Meetings which finally start IN JUST TWO DAYS!

Oh, and if we continue with the stupid theme here, you might have heard about another kinda decent free agent option in the year. His name is Nolan Arenado and he might hit the market next offseason. So how about we sign Machado, then Pollock, and next year lock up Arenado? That's stupidity I think we all can deal with.

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