Phillies team leaders - June 12
by Scott Butler 6/12/15

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Here is our weekly update of the Phillies team leaders, a look at who is up and who is down, plus another gruesome Chase Utley update.


Maikel Franco has continued his hot hitting, batting .444 with 2 home runs over the last week. He is by far the most exciting player on the team.

Odubel Herrera has enjoyed a nice week of hitting. He had a .345 average and crushed a home run ball, improving his season average to .255.

Jeff Francoeur, if you can believe it, has the fourth highest average on the team. He hit .333 over the past week with a grand slam and 7 RBI.

Ben Revere is slowly but surely bumping up that average. He hit .345 over the last week, giving him a .270 average for the season.


Chase Utley: Uh, yeah, he's down. Read below if you don't scare easily.

Freddy Galvis finally ended an 0-for-31 slump, but he followed it by going 2-for-10. He is now hitting .259. I guess now he is in a race with Chase Utley to see who can drown the fastest.

Entire Starting Rotation. Sean O'Sullivan has a 4.50 ERA in the past week and he is BY FAR the best of the five starters.Yeah, it's that bad.

Here are their ERA's over the past week:

Hamels: (1G) 7.50
Harang: (2G) 9.26
Williams: (2G) 6.97
O'Sullivan: (1G) 4.50
Severino Gonzalez: (1G) 20.25

Aaron Harang has been the most disturbing. He had a 1.93 ERA after his 10th start on May 24 and was one of the biggest surprises in the National League and a potential serious trade chip, but now his ERA stands at 3.04 and you better believe teams will be watching him closely in his next start.

Weekly Chase Utley Update

I figured I was done with the Chase updates. I mean, he was hitting .206, finally over the Mendoza line. There's no way he was dropping under again. But Chase is an amazing guy. Since topping out at that .206 mark, he is hitless in his last 21 at-bats, dropping him back down to .185.

It has gotten to the point that Sandberg may have to consider putting him on the bench. Utley's contract is such that he gets paid when he plays. Right now, he doesn't deserve the playing time. Of course, that won't happen. He's Chase Utley for cryin' out loud. But if this continues, the Phillies have to start exploring "options."

Here are the scary numbers for the not-too-queezy:

.185 average (4th worst), .264 OBP (10th worst), .296 SLG (5th worst), .560 OPS (4th worst)

And finally, here are your Phillies leaders.

Phillies Team Hitting Leaders

Average: Franco (.286) 
OBP: Hernandez (.336) 
SLG: Franco (.551) 
OPS: Franco (.871)
HR: Howard (11)
RBI: Howard (28)
Extra-base hits: Howard (26)
BB: Utley (19)
SB: Revere (12)
SO: Howard (59)

Phillies Team Starting Pitching Leaders
ERA: Harang (3.04)
IP: Hamels (87.1)
Wins: Hamels (5)
WHIP: Harang (1.10)
Strikeouts: Hamels (91)

Phillies Team Bullpen Leaders
ERA: Papelbon (1.13)
IP: De Fratus (30.0)
WHIP: Papelbon (0.92)
Strikeouts: Diekman/De Fratus/Papelbon (29)
Games: Garcia/De Fratus (28)
Saves: Papelbon (12)
Holds: Giles (9)

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