2015 Phillies are 13th worst team in club history, and that's just the start of it
by Scott Butler 6/17/15


The Phillies are approaching a level of ineptitude rarely shown from a professional baseball club. Their recent 19-3 humiliation in Baltimore capped off a winless road trip and the Phillies now have exactly double the amount of wins than losses, for a .333 winning percentage.

It is the 13th worst winning percentage in franchise history.

Before approaching some really scary stuff, let me put you at ease in assuring you that the Phillies will not have the worst record in franchise history. I say that confidently because they already have five more wins than the first Phillies team ever, who went 17-81 with a .173 winning percentage.

But number two is not an impossibility. Their .333 win rate puts the Phils about 4 1/2 games ahead of the pace of the 1942 Phillies, who finished 42-109.

The 2015 club has a reasonable shot of becoming the second-worst team in the 133 years of the Phillies franchise.

Yeah, I told you it's scary stuff.

Pitching is a problem on this team with a 4.35 ERA that is tied for second worst in the league, but it is not the problem (37th worst in team history if you were wondering).

The problem is the offense. Look at these atrocious figures:

Their 3.03 runs per game are 2nd worst in franchise history (1942).

Their .286 on-base percentage is 5th worst in franchise history.

Their .236 batting average is tied for 8th worst.

Their .633 OPS is 16th worst.

Their .347 slugging percentage is 31st worst.

Glass half full says that the Phillies are in the midst of an 8-game losing streak and they should bottom out soon. They are returning to Citizens Bank Park, where they are 15-16. They also have Chad Billingsley returning soon.

But that is about where the optimism ends.

It is equally as likely that the Phillies still have their darkest days ahead of them. If Hamels and Harang are both traded, the Phils are looking at a rotation that would horrify any Phillies team, even if we assume Chad Billingsley returns and pretend Jerome Williams is not hurt.

Here it goes. The Phillies rotation will look something like this:

Chad Billingsley
Jerome Williams
Sean O'Sullivan
Severino Gonzalez
Dustin McGowan

If Williams is injured and Billingsley does not come back, well, look behind you in the line at Wawa and see if anyone looks like they can throw a baseball 60 feet and six inches.

The trading deadline won't affect the offense much, which might be the scariest facet of this whole thing. Outside of Maikel Franco, is there one other Phillies hitter whose absence would hurt the team? That, my friends, is what a 100+ loss team looks like.

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