Phillies 2010 Report Card: Ryan Howard
by Scott Butler 1/13/11

We continue on with our Phillies report cards. Now we will grade the Phillies big slugger: Ryan Howard.

Ryan Howard has put up some incredible numbers in his career, and the Phillies rewarded his efforts with a 5 year, $125 million dollar contract. Ironically, this was the first year that Howard didn't put up heroic numbers. In fact, 2010 ended Howard's streak of four straight seasons of 40-plus homers and 135-plus RBIs.

For his standards, 2010 was a down year for Howard. A .276 average with 31 home runs and 108 is nothing to sneeze at, but it is not what we have come to expect from him. A stint on the disabled list is a big reason why his power numbers were down, but even if he played all 162 games he would have only ended up with 35 home runs and 122 RBIs.

But the numbers show that the injury did more than just cost Howard games. For most of the season his batting average was up and his power went down. After July and before the injury, Howard had a .292 average with 23 home runs and 91 RBIs. That would have put him on pace for 36 homers and 143 RBIs, which would have been 11 less HR than his 162 game average, but 13 points above his normal batting average and actually 5 RBIs ABOVE his normal RBI totals. Howard just wasn't the same for the first couple weeks after the injury, batting just .125 with 1 home run and 4 RBIs in 10 games in August.

Even if Howard's production was nearly the same, the fact remains that Howard's Slugging percentage (.505) and OPS (.859) were all career lows.

You can view all of Ryan Howard's career stats here.

Overall Grade: A-

Ryan Howard had a good year by most measures and essentially equaled his previous production totals, but did it with less long balls. 36 home runs may not blow you away, but 108 RBIs in 143 games aint bad for an "off year."

2009 and 2010 Statistics

2009 160 703 616 105 172 37 4 45 141 8 1 75 186 0.279 0.36 0.571 0.931 352
2010 143 620 550 87 152 23 5 31 108 1 1 59 157 0.276 0.353 0.505 0.859 278

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