Phillies Front Office, Coaches, Owners, and Staff

Front Office
John Middleton - Managing Partner
Andy MacPhail - President
David Buck - Executive Vice President
David Montgomery - Chairman
Bill Giles - Chairman Emeritus
John Nickolas - Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Matt Klentak - Vice President and General Manager
Scott Proefrock - Assistant General Manager
Ned Rice - Assistant General Manager
Pat Gillick - Sr. Advisor to the President and General Manager
Charlie Manuel - Sr. Advisor to the General Manager
Benny Looper - Senior Advisor, International Operations
Sal Agostinellit - Director, International Scouting
Johnny Almaraz- Director, Amateur Scouting
Scott Freedman - Director, Baseball Operations
Andy Galdi - Director, Baseball Research and Development
Rob Holiday - Director, Amateur Scouting Administration
Joe Jordan - Director, Player Development
Lee McDaniel - Director, Minor League Operations
Mike Ondo - Director, Professional Scouting
Geoff Miller - Mental Skills Coach
Chris Cashman - Advanced Scouting Analyst
Jay McLaughlin - Baseball Information Analyst
Lewis Pollis - Analyst, Baseball Research and Development

Manager and Coaches
Gabe Kapler - Manager
John Mallee - Hitting Coach
Pedro Guerrero - Assistant Hitting Coach
Rick Kranitz - Pitching Coach
Chris Young - Assistant Pitching Coach
Jose Flores - First Base Coach
Dusty Wathan - Third Base Coach
Rob Thomson - Bench Coach
Jim Gott - Bullpen Coach
Bob Stumpo - Bullpen Catcher

Geoff Miller - Mental Skills Coach
Frank Cacciatore - Assistant Hitting Coordinator
Andy Abad - Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator
Ernie Whitt - Catching Coordinator
Andy Tracy - Hitting/Assistant Field Coordinator
Rafael Chaves - Pitching Coordinator
Chris Truby - Infield Coordinator
Carlos Arroyo - Roving Pitching Coach

Jim Buck and Pete Buck - Tri-Play Associates
John S. Middleton - Double Play, Inc.

**According to, "The Phillies is a limited partnership formed in 1981. Tri-Play and Double Play are equal partners while David Montgomery and Pat Gillick own the remaining interests. No partner owns a majority of the team."

Medical Staff
Dr. Michael Ciccotti, M.D. - Director of Medical Services
Steve Cohen - Head Team Physician
Scott Sheridan - Head Athletic Trainer
Shawn Fcasni - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Chris Mudd - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Clubhouse Personnel
Phil Sheridan - Manager, Clubhouse Services
Dan O'Rourke - Manager, Equipment and Umpire Services
Kevin Steinhour - Manager, Visiting Clubhouse
Sean Bowers - Home Clubhouse Assistant

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