Phillies 2017 Win/Loss ChartEflin was brutal and Phils lose yet another series after 8-4 loss - updated win/loss chart

Jimmy Rollins PhilliesPhillies trade rumors - Phils say goodbye to Hall of Famer Jim Bunning
by Scott Butler 5/28/17

The Hall of Fame pitcher and author of the first perfect game in the National League in 84 years passes away at age 85.

Velasquez Meeting at MoundSolution to Phillies bullpen problem begins with the starters
by Scott Butler 5/27/17

It's not just the hitting.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - May 22
by Scott Butler 5/22/17

This is what a team on pace for 103 losses looks like.

Poll ResultsPoll Results: Which Phillies pitcher are you most excited about this season?
Posted 5/21/17

Here are the latest results - cast your vote for the next question in the sidebar to the right.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - May 15
by Scott Butler 5/15/17

This is Aaron Altherr's world and we are all just living in it.

Pete Mackanin Pitching ChangeSolution to Phillies bullpen problem begins with the starters
by Scott Butler 5/14/17

Hard to have a good bullpen when your starters don't throw 100 pitches.

Phillies LogoPhillies Prospect Update: May 9 edition
by Scott Butler 5/9/17

Walks are up and strikeouts are down for several top prospects. Other than that, it's business as usual down on the farm. Don't look at Cornelius Randolph's numbers, though.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - May 8
by Scott Butler 5/8/17

Aaron Altherr is taking over the world.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - May 2
by Scott Butler 5/2/17

Hernandez, Nava, and Hellickson still owning this thing.

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: April 2017
by Scott Butler 5/1/17

That does it for month number one!

Jerad Eickhoff PhilliesEven in a bad game, Jerad Eickhoff is Mr. Consistent
by Scott Butler 4/29/17

Sometimes a player is most impressive when he is at his worst.

Maikel Franco PhilliesMaikel Franco's hard work finally providing results
by Scott Butler 4/29/17

Franco sticking with his plan, and it's starting to work.

Phillies LogoThe solution for Vince Velasquez? Become Jeremy Hellickson 2.0
by Scott Butler 4/28/17

Pitch to contact and live on the edges? Velasquez found a great example.

Phillies LogoPhillies Prospect Update: April 28 edition
by Scott Butler 4/28/17

Crawford is over .100, Alfaro and Hoskins continue to hit, and walk/strikeouts a problem for several Phils.

Jimmy Rollins PhilliesPhillies trade rumors - Revisiting Howard's extension, Bruce almost became a Phillie
by Scott Butler 4/26/17

MLBTR was much kinder on that awful contract than I have been.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - April 24
by Scott Butler 4/24/17

Here's what the leaderboard looks like for a .500 baseball team.

Phillies LogoPhillies Prospect Update: April 22 edition
by Scott Butler 4/22/17

Crawford still 102 points away from the Mendoza Line: Yikes!

Allen Iverson Bud SeligPhillies links 4/21: Phillies stories to read from past week
by Scott Butler 4/21/17

John Middleton speaks! And he wants his bleeping trophy back.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - week number one
by Scott Butler 4/17/17

The leaderboard hits week number two!

Allen Iverson Bud SeligPhillies links: Phillies stories to read from across the web
by Scott Butler 4/16/17

Here's what all the cool kids are talking about.

Phillies LogoLet's look at the kids: Phillies Prospect Update
by Scott Butler 4/12/17

This might sting a little bit.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - week number one
by Scott Butler 4/10/17

The leader board is back!

NationalsA look back at the biggest first inning in Phillies history
by Scott Butler 4/9/17

That's a lot of runs.

Howie Kendrick Michael SaundersBoring = Improvement for Phillies
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Boring may not sell tickets, but it can generate wins.

Phillies Opening DayPhillies Opening Day 2017
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Get your fix at Phils Baseball with full coverage of Phillies Opening Day 2017.

Phillies Opening DayPhillies Opening Day history
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Here's a little Opening Day trivia for the 135th Opening Day in Phillies history.

Allen Iverson Bud SeligPhillies rumors - Opening Day edition
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Here are the latest Phillies rumors leading up to Opening Day...

Phillies LogoAnd the Phillies 2017 Opening Day lineup is...
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Whose names make it onto the first lineup card? And how does it compare to the 2016 version?

Phillie PhanaticPhillies 2017 numberFire projections
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Opening Day is all about prognosticating and projecting, isn't it?

Phillies SchedulePhillies News & Notes: 2017 Schedule
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

A few tidbits about the Phillies 2017 schedule.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Stassi makes the team and the whole world rejoices
by Scott Butler 4/1/17

Opening Day is just two days away! It's really going to happen!

Phillies LogoHere's a different way to look at Phillies rebuild
by Scott Butler 3/29/17

Let's not decide which prospects will make it and instead look at who won't.

Phillies LogoPlaying Pepper 2017: Philadelphia Phillies
by Scott Butler 3/13/17

Here are my answers to a little Q and A we do each year with a few blogs looking at the Phillies entering the upcoming season.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Phils grab switch-pitcher
by Scott Butler 3/13/17

The Phillies traded for an ambidextrous pitcher and Doc returned as a guest instructor to highlight a fairly slow week.

I'm Back! Observations from PhilliesMaikel Franco: "I have to show everybody I've improved and that I'm learning."
Posted 3/11/17

Franco is saying the right things so far and hopefully he follows through - his Phillies career might depend on it.

I'm Back! Observations from PhilliesI'm back, baby! Phillies observations from the past two months
Posted 3/5/17

If you lived in a cave for the last two months like I did, here is what you missed with the Phils.

Poll ResultsPoll Results: Who are the Phillies most likely to trade during the offseason?
Posted 3/4/17

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Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - For Blanco, Philly was only choice
by Scott Butler 2/22/17

Spring Training is here.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Saunders in, Severino out, and Nola says he's healthy
by Scott Butler 1/25/17

Some stuff happened this week.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - MacPhail says Phils looking for lefty bat
by Scott Butler 1/9/17

Sorry, doesn't look like Joey Bats is in the plans.

Jose Bautista PhilliesYou should be glad Joey Bats is probably not coming to Philly
by Scott Butler 1/5/17

Do you really want to give up a quality draft pick to see a few homers in another losing season?

John Middleton PhilliesWhere is the Phillies' money going?
by Scott Butler 1/3/17

Itís quite possible this rebuild is the best business decision the ownership makes.

Phillies LosePhillies headed for another losing season in 2017, but don't blame Klentak
by Scott Butler 12/28/16

Once again, you can blame Olí Rube for that.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Rays discussing Ryan Howard
by Scott Butler 12/19/16

Is it actually possible another team wants Ryan Howard?

Collective Bargaining AgreementHow new collective bargaining agreement applies to Phillies
by Scott Butler 12/7/16

A few changes Phillies fans should know.

Terry Ryan PhilliesTerry Ryan hire shows a different kind of commitment from Phillies
by Scott Butler 12/5/16

The Phillies get it.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Phils add another GM to front office
by Scott Butler 11/30/16

That puts four former GM's in the front office: Ryan joins Pat Gillick, Ed Wade, and Dallas Green.

Poll ResultsPoll Results: Which prospect do you enjoy watching the most?
Posted 11/22/16

Here are the latest results - cast your vote for the next question in the sidebar to the right.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - the 40-man is complete!
by Scott Butler 11/20/16

They got all 40 spots filled - guess that means we can't bring back Michael Martinez.

Phillies ProspectsPredicting the Phillies 40-man roster
by Scott Butler 11/17/16

The Phillies have to have fill out their roster by tomorrow and it won't be easy. UPDATE: I whiffed badly.

Phillies ProspectsRevisiting Phillies trades: which Phillies prospects came in which deals?
by Scott Butler 11/13/16

We've seen so many trades, it's hard to keep track anymore.

Klentak MacPhail MiddletonWhat can the Phillies learn from the Cubs?
by Scott Butler 11/5/16

Slow and steady won the race for the Cubs - now it's the Phillies' turn

Chicago Cubs World SeriesRambling thoughts of a truly epic World Series game
by Scott Butler 11/3/16

Some games are worth talking about, even if it isn't your team.

Odubel Herrera stealingShould someone be fired for the Phillies' inept baserunning?
by Scott Butler 11/2/16

Matt Stairs came in to fix the hitting, so who is going to fix the awful bag stealers?

Jerad EickhoffDon't underestimate Jerad Eickhoff's value to Phillies' rebuild
by Scott Butler 10/22/16

Everyone wants an ace, but sometimes consistent and reliable is just as important.

Carlos RuizPhillies representing in 2016 postseason
by Scott Butler 10/15/16

And let's be honest with ourselves, everyone looks good in Dodger blue.

Poll ResultsPoll Results: Which prospect besides J.P. Crawford are you hoping to see in September?
Posted 10/8/16

Here are the latest results - you can cast your vote for the next question in the sidebar to the right.

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: September/October 2016
by Scott Butler 10/5/16

Well, that closes the books on the 2016 season...and in some ways 2008, too.

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