Phillies 2015 Win/Loss ChartO'Sullivan hit by everyone in Mets uniform in a series sweep - Here's updated win/loss chart

Ruben Amaro GrinderYou must read Kyle Scott's post on Ruben Amaro
by Scott Butler 5/27/15

Who better than Ruben Amaro to show why the Phils have tumbled so far?

Ruben Amaro GrinderThe Ruben Grinder
by Scott Butler 5/27/15

We are serving up something deliciously awful here at Phils Baseball. A page devoted to honoring the genius which is Ruben Amaro, Jr.

Ruben AmaroRuben Amaro apparently does what he does "so the fan can reap the benefit of it later on"
by Scott Butler 5/26/15

Ruben Amaro decided to remind fans that he knows more than we do.

Phillies 2015 Win/Loss ChartFour-run rally in 8th not enough as Mets outlest Phils in 10 innings - Here's your updated chart


Ryan HowardCan we at least give Ryan Howard a little credit?
by Scott Butler 5/25/15

You may not have noticed, but Ryan Howard has really turned things around.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders as of May 24
by Scott Butler 5/24/15

Here's your weekly dose of the hitting and pitching leaders for the Phils and an update on Chase Utley, who is finally not the worst player in baseball anymore.

Phillies 2015 Win/Loss ChartHamels is awesome and Phils destroy Strasburg to tie up series - Here's your updated chart


Chris Wheeler Phillies Broadcast BoothChris Wheeler: forty-three years without a real job
by Scott Butler 5/18/15

Chris Wheeler's enduring passion for the Phillies and how one special day helped put him in the booth longer than any color analyst in Phillies history.

MLB Blackout MapMLB took another punch to the face in latest blackout lawsuit ruling
by Scott Butler 5/17/15

It is actually possible we might see the end of those greedy owners' and their monopolistic blackout policies.

Phillies LogoPoll Results: Fangraphs predicts the Phillies will finish with 94 losses, most in baseball. Given the choice, I think the Phils will..
by Scott Butler 5/16/15

Poll Results are in!

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders as of May 15
by Scott Butler 5/15/15

Here's your weekly dose of the hitting and pitching leaders for the worst team in baseball. And, yes, Utley is still the dead last in the whole world in all four major hitting categories.

Phillies LogoHuh? Asche to minors? Why? And what about...I think his name was Dom Brown?
by Scott Butler 5/12/15

Decision making once again is a skill that eludes the Phillies.

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies rumors through May 7
by Scott Butler 5/8/15

Rumor is...

Theo EpsteinTheo Epstein a haunting example of exactly what is missing in Philadelphia
by Scott Butler 5/7/15

Would've, could've, should've - comaparing Amaro and Epstein is a dangerous exercize.

Phillies DugoutPhillies monthly review: April 2015
by Scott Butler 5/1/15

Stats and recap of the first month of the season for the Phils.

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies rumors through April 29
by Scott Butler 4/30/15

Hamels' talk heating up in this week's rumors.

Domonic Brown ClearwaterDomonic Brown needs to show up to work
by Scott Butler 4/29/15

Domonic Brown cut class yesterday at Lehigh Valley and why he better be there tonight.

Domonic Brown ClearwaterWhat will the Phillies do when Domonic Brown returns?
by Scott Butler 4/27/15

Someone has gotsta go when Domonic Brown returns. Who is it gonna be?

Ryne Sandberg Practice ClearwaterSandberg's philosophy is simple: “This is Major League Baseball and you have to play good defense”
by Scott Butler 4/25/15

A strange thing happened last night. The Phillies played solid defense and won a baseball game. Ryno likes it that way.

Odubel HerreraIs Odubel Herrera the real deal for the Phillies?
by Scott Butler 4/24/15

"El Torito" has been enfuego so far for the Phils, but can he keep it up?

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies rumors through April 21
by Scott Butler 4/21/15

Rumor is...

Chase UtleyYour 2015 Phillies watching formula: out with the old and in with the new
by Scott Butler 4/21/15

So what if Utley and Howard aren't hitting. They aren't what matters anyway.

Reading PhilliesIt's been a great start for the the minors
by Scott Butler 4/20/15

It's been a rough start for the big club, but the weather has been nice in the minors.

PhilliesObservations through eleven games of the Phillies season
by Scott Butler 4/18/15

A lot has happened through 11 games this season (most of it losing), but there is still plenty to talk about.

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies rumors through April 13
by Scott Butler 4/14/15

Rumors! Got your Phillies Rumors here!

Citizens Bank Park bullpenRyne Sandberg's disturbing bullpen management
by Scott Butler 4/10/15

The Phillies actually have a good bullpen. Probably not a good idea for Sandberg to ruin it.

Citizens Bank Park Liberty Bell after home runPhillies face serious power outage
by Scott Butler 4/8/15

If you noticed it is a little darker at CBP, that's probably because the Phils have absolutely no power.

Opening Day basePhillies Opening Day history
by Scott Butler 4/6/15

Before you flip on the TV for the Phillies' 133rd Opening Day in franchise history, here's a little Opening Day trivia for you.

Phillies Logo Carpenter complexInterest in Phillies down over 10 percent according to ticket prices
by Scott Butler 4/6/15

Ticket prices indicate how far interest has dropped in the Phillies.

Phillies Opening Day Lineup CardAnd the Phillies 2015 Opening Day lineup is...
by Scott Butler 4/6/15

A sneak peak to the Phillies likely Opening Day lineup. We're all so excited...

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies rumors through Opening Day
by Scott Butler 4/6/15

Phillies rumors leading up to the big day.

MLB Blackout MapMLB blackout rules lawsuit not dead yet
by Scott Butler 4/1/15

MLB's blackout lawsuit that will make all right in the world of baseball continues to proceed. Yay!

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies rumors through March 31
by Scott Butler 3/31/15

Rumors! Got your Phillies Rumors here!

Domonic Brown baserunning drillAnd the Phillies starting rightfielder is...
by Scott Butler 3/30/15

Who's on first, what's on second, and who the heck knows who is in right field?

Miguel Alfredo GonzalezMaybe all Cubans don't become superstars: Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez sent down
by Scott Butler 3/29/15

Cuban baseball players are all the rage these days. Well, maybe not all Cubans.

Aaron Nola Fightin PhilsAaron Nola gives Phillies fans something to be excited about
by Scott Butler 3/28/15

Aaron Nola is well on his way to 50 wins a year and saving the Phillies forever. Brighthouse FieldPhiller up! Crawford and Hollands want to rob you of any Phillies
by Scott Butler 3/27/15

Your favorite Phillies news and notes segment in the whole wide world is back!

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies rumors through March 24
by Scott Butler 3/24/15

Rumors! Got your Phillies Rumors here!

Ryan Howard at batting cage in ClearwaterBreaking non-news story: Phillies will eat $50 million to trade Howard
by Scott Butler 3/18/15

This just in: the Phillies want to trade Ryan Howard and are willing to eat money in order to make it happen. Wait. Didn't we already know that?

Brighthouse FieldSpring Training matters for certain Phillies
by Scott Butler 3/17/15

Some players actually care what happens in Spring Training. Here's a look at some of them.


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