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My name is Scott Butler. I have always been a Phillies nerd, but the seeds of this little old blog were planted back in 2005 when this blog was no more than a Phillies spreadsheet. I was 26 and found myself watching Phillies, talking Phillies, thinking Phillies, and updating my stupid little Phillies spreadsheet way more than any normal person should. So, three years later, I figured that since the Phillies consumed my life already, I might as well write about them.

The blog officially began in 2008 as little more than a hobby site called Phils Pulse with only about ten articles all year, but the Phillies championship literally gave me more "free time" to devote to the blog. See, I decided to quit my job in 2008 in a failed attempt to become a teacher and the Phillies parade on Oct 31 just so happened to be my last day. I warned my boss a week earlier, but it is still fun to say that I skipped my last day of work and spent it with a few million other people on Broad Street.

Anyhow, it is now four years later and it is just a matter of time before David Montgomery hires me as his next general manager. Until then, I hope you enjoy the articles and please share your thoughts. Agree or disagree, please send your comments. Want to bash me? Even Better. I'm a big boy, I can take it.

Have any Phillies articles of your own? Please feel free to send them my way. If they seem interesting, I would be happy to post it with the full credit going straight to you.

You can reach me by email at contact {at} philsbaseball {dot} com or contact me using the Contact Form.

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