Phillies team leaders and notes - June 19
by Scott Butler 6/19/17

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Phillies 2017 Record: 22-46

This is turning out to be the best 110-loss team you will ever see. Everyone couldn't wait for the dreadful month of May to end, and a four game winning streak to begin June created hope that the Phils could finally get things back on track. Too bad for the Phillies, that track happened to be the same one. The Phillies lost all but one game of the 12 that followed. Despite winning four games in a row, the Phillies' 5-12 record in the month of June is just one game ahead of where they were in May (4-13). But for Sixers fans that trusted the process, I guess we must too.

Here are the leaders after game number 68:

Average: Kendrick (.324
Kendrick  (.380
SLG: Altherr (.
OPS: Altherr (
Altherr  (12)
RBI: Altherr (
Runs: Hernandez (
Extra-base hits: 
Herrera (29)
Franco (21)
Herrera (67
SB: Kendrick (7)

Phillies Current Team Starting Pitching Leaders (minimum 6 starts) 
Pivetta (4.46
IP: Hellickson (
Wins: Hellickson (
Hellickson (1.32)
Strikeouts: Eickhoff (

Phillies Current Team Bullpen Leaders (minimum 6 appearances) 
ERA: Neshek (
Neris (29.2
WHIP: Neshek (0.
Strikeouts: Ramos (
Ramos (31)
Saves: Neris (
Holds: Benoit (


Aaron Altherr had a tough week average-wise, but he hit 3 homers and a double. We are still waiting for Altherr to bottom out, but it was nice to see his power return.

Odubel Herrera's .250 doesn't look too bad considering he was hitting .217 on May 28, but had another rough week, batting .206 with 1 walk and 12 strikeouts. It helped produce this:

And then there is this:

Perhaps the stat that best defines the culture of the 2017 Phillies team is this:

I mentioned over the offseason that someone needs to be held accountable for the poor baserunning, and it doesn't appear much has changed since then. Does the blame lie with Mickey Morandini, who was tasked with improving this glaring weakness, or do we look at the manager or general manager? Regardless of the answer, something must change.

That stat also highlights what a tremendous asset Howie Kendrick is. Kendrick is exactly the type of player Klentak wanted when he brought him over. He is a terrific veteran presence for these younger hitters, if they are willing to listen. He does all the little things we love in this town. It's a shame he has to go at the trading deadline, but trust that there will be a long list of teams that would love to add a player like Kendrick.

It’s nice to see someone other than Jeremy Hellickson at the top of the pitching leaderboard. We don’t need any more reminders of Klentak and company's butchery of Hellickson as a rebuilding tool. He was one of the best available starting pitchers at the deadline last year and again in the offseason. Even if he improves over the next month and a half, if they do trade him, they will have to pay virtually all of his salary to get the fringest of fringe players.

Jerad Eickhoff did not have his best stuff in his last outing, but he fought hard against a tough D-backs lineup.  It would be really nice to see him in the leaderboard before the Phils lose their hundredth game this season - at this point, 100 losses might have to be considered a success.

Pat Neshek’s wonderful season continues.  He did allow the tying run to score in one outing this week, but he limited the damage and is the only player to count on right now in that 'pen.

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