Phillies team leaders and notes - July 4
by Scott Butler 7/4/17

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Phillies 2017 Record: 27-53

We've reached the halfway point of the 2017 season, and the Phillies are on a pace for 106 losses. And that's after two straight wins.

But perhaps much better things are in store for the Phils in the second half. Nola looks comfortable. Pivetta has shown his talent. Eickhoff and Velasquez are coming back, and they can't pitch much worse than they did. And Nick Williams is here!

Of course, the club's best reliever (Neshek) and most reliable hitter (Kendrick), along with Hellickson, Nava, and who knows who else might be on their way out.

One thing is for sure, though, things will be different in the second half.

Just for fun, here is a look at the win/loss charts at the midway point this season compared to last.

Here was 2016 at the half:

2016 chart

And here is what 2017 looks like:

That puts the 2017 Phils 9 GAMES BACK of last year's team that finished with a 36-45 record. Do you think the current squad can beat last year's team? We have to wait three months for that answer.

Here are the leaders after game number 81:

Phillies Current Team Hitting Leaders (minimum 100 at-bats)

Average: Kendrick (.349
Kendrick  (.403
SLG: Altherr (.
OPS: Kendrick (
Joseph  (14)
RBI: Franco/Joseph (
Runs: Hernandez (
Extra-base hits: 
Herrera/Altherr (42)
Franco (25)
Herrera (78
SB: Kendrick (8)

Phillies Current Team Starting Pitching Leaders (minimum 6 starts) 

ERA: Lively (3.72) 
IP: Hellickson (96.1) 
Wins: Nola (6)
Nola (1.23)
Strikeouts: Nola (72) 

Phillies Current Team Bullpen Leaders (minimum 10 appearances) 

ERA: Neshek (1.39
Neris (36.1
WHIP: Neshek (0.
Strikeouts: Neris (
Neris (37)
Saves: Neris (
Holds: Benoit (

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