Phillies team leaders - April 17
by Scott Butler 4/17/17

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Phillies 2017 Record: 4-8

Boy was that a rough one yesterday. The team fights back late to take the lead and is one strike away from winning two straight series against the Nats and…well I think you know the rest.  Unless Benoit watched the replays, he never saw that home run ball.  He walked off (and so did Harper in a very different way) and never looked back. 

Benoit didn’t look back, but we certainly where we stand after week number two. 

Let's start with the hitting leaders:

Phillies Current Team Hitting Leaders (minimum 10 AB's) 
Average: Nava (.500) 
OBP: Nava (.643) 
SLG: Nava (1.200) 
OPS: Nava (1.843)
HR: Hernandez (3)
RBI: Franco (9) 
Runs: Hernandez (13) 
Extra-base hits: Hernandez (7)
BB: Herrera (7)
SB: Five tied (1)
SO: Hernandez (12)

So when did Cesar Hernandez all of a sudden become Mike Schmidt?  He leads the team in homers, extra-base hits, and strikeouts.  If it wasn’t for Daniel Nava, CESAR! would also lead the team in slugging (.615) and OPS (1.008).

Odubel H Herrera really dropped over the past week, but it’s still a really small sample size.  He is also hardly the player to worry about on this team.  The Phillies have a full five regulars hitting below .200 (FIVE!) and Saunders is hitting .225. 

Included in that group is Maikel Franco. Some of the underlying numbers for Franco indicate he will break out of his funk, but it better happen soon before this season starts to really slip away from the Phils.  Same goes for Joseph and Rupp.  

Now onto the pitching:

Phillies Current Team Starting Pitching Leaders (minimum 2 starts) 
ERA: Hellickson (1.59) 
IP: Eickhoff (19.2) 
Wins: Hellickson (2)
WHIP: Hellickson (0.82)
Strikeouts: Eickhoff (18) 

The starting pitching of Hellickson, Eickhoff, and Nola has been really encouraging. For Hellickson, aside from being an out of shape non-athlete who can't run three bases without exhausting himself, has been tremendous in the early going. He was exactly what the Phillies needed last year and it doesn't look like much has changed in 2017.

That is the same theme with Eickhoff, who continues to be almost a lock to give you 6 plus and keep you in the game. Nola didn't make the leaderboard yet, but he looked pretty special against the Nationals, and that's after facing them twice in a week.

Phillies Current Team Bullpen Leaders (minimum 4 appearances) 
ERA: Neris/Neshek/ (0.00) 
IP: Neris/Rodriguez (6.1) 
WHIP: Neris (0.47)
Strikeouts: Morgan (8) 
Games: Benoit/Neris/Neshek (6)
Saves: Benoit/Gomez (1)
Holds: Neris (3)

We do have a bit of a closer issue going on here, but it is still way too early to make it into a huge thing. Those were the first runs allowed all season for Benoit, who does not seem the type to get rattled. He is in no way a long term solution, but there is no need to rush Neris into the role, either. Hopefully Benoit will get settled and everyone can enjoy their regular roles.

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