Phillies team leaders - week number one
by Scott Butler 4/10/17

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A new Phillies season brings with it another season of team leader updates!

I always enjoy these updates because it gives a nice little snapshot of the best players on the team and how they measure up with your own expectations. In some ways, it would be nice to have someone like a Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera or Clayton Kershaw dominating every category, but I'm thinking a competition of three Trouts wouldn't be all that bad, either.

Before we get to it, here's my predictions for who wins at the end of the season:

Average: Herrera
OBP: Herrera
SLG: Joseph
OPS: Herrera
HR: Franco
RBI: Franco
Runs: Hernandez
Extra-base hits: Franco
BB: Hernandez
SB: Herrera
SO: Joseph

Starting Pitching
ERA: Eickhoff
IP: Eickhoff
WHIP: Eickhoff
Strikeouts: Velasquez

ERA: Neris
IP: Neris
WHIP: Neris
Strikeouts: Neris
Games: Neris
Saves: Benoit
Holds: Neris

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out with so many potential leaders throughout the lineup and on the mound. The bullpen might really be up in the air. With a small handful of late inning options for Pete Mackanin, roles may change a lot throughout the season.

Anyhow, here are the leaders after one full week (!) of Phillies baseball:

Phillies Current Team Hitting Leaders (minimum 6 at-bats)

Average: Kendrick (.429) 
OBP: Herrera (.481) 
SLG: Altherr (.823) 
OPS: Altherr (1.262)
HR: Galvis/Nava (2)
RBI: Galvis (6) 
Runs: Hernandez (7) 
Extra-base hits: Galvis/Kendrick/Hernandez (4)
BB: Herrera (5)
SB: Herrera/Joseph/Kendrick (1)
SO: Joseph (8)

Phillies Current Team Starting Pitching Leaders (minimum 1 start)
ERA: Hellickson (0.90)
IP: Hellickson (10)
Wins: Hellickson/Nola (1)
WHIP: Hellickson/Eickhoff (0.90)
Strikeouts: Velasquez (10)

Phillies Current Team Bullpen Leaders (minimum 2 appearances)
ERA: Neris/Benoit/Neshek/Ramos (0.00)
IP: Ramos (3.2)
WHIP: Neris (0.60)
Strikeouts: Neris/Benoit/Gomez/Ramos (100)
Games: 5 tied (3)
Saves: Gomez (1)
Holds: Neris/Benoit (2)

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