And the Phillies 2017 Opening Day lineup is...
by Scott Butler 4/3/17


Opening Day is finally here and now we get to play the lineup card game. What names will appear on Mackanin's lineup card? We are all just so anxious to know! I guess we have to get excited about something, right?

Here's my prediction for the Opening Day lineup card:

1. Cesar Hernandez 2B

2. Howie Kendrick LF

3. Odubel Herrera CF

4. Maikel Franco 3B

5. Michael Saunders RF

6. Tommy Joseph 1B

7. Cameron Rupp C

8. Freddy Galvis SS

9. Jeremy Hellickson P

If that is indeed how it ends up, five players from last year's opener will be on the 2017 version: Hernandez, Herrera, Franco, Galvis and Hellickson.

Gone from the list are Ryan Howard (unemployed), and Carlos Ruiz (Mariners), leaving the Phillies without a single player from the 2008 championship team (Unless you count new hitting coach, Matt Stairs). They also said bye-bye to Cedric Hunter (minors) and Peter Bourjos (Rays).

Here's what the lineup was last year:

1. Cesar Hernandez 2B

2. Odubel Herrera CF

3. Maikel Franco 3B

4. Ryan Howard 1B

5. Carlos Ruiz C

6. Cedric Hunter LF

7. Peter Bourjos RF

8. Freddy Galvis SS

9. Jeremy Hellickson P

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