Phillies 2017 numberFire projections
by Scott Butler 4/3/17

Phillie Phanatic

Time to project, y'all! I love Opening Day, where hope abounds and dreams of Herrera winning the batting title, Hernandez stealing 70 bases, Franco blasting 50 homers, and Velasquez winning the Cy Young seem well within reach.

As much fun as it is to think inspiring thoughts, the hard part is looking at things realistically. I'm no good at that, but that's what Vegas and fantasy sites are for. I'm not much into fantasy myself either, but numberFire sent me their projections, which seemed worth passing along.

I'm not gonna lie to you, though, none of these numbers are all that flattering on the hitting side or the pitching side. There are a couple things I think I can safely project: Coghlan and Hanigan will not reach their at-bat totals (that advise is 100% free).

If those projections are accurate, we are in for a loooonnnnngggg season. But, hey, the Phillies should have lost 100 games last season according to, so hopefully we are scoffing at all of these figures six months from now.

Phillies 2017 Hitting Projections


Phillies 2017 Pitching Projections

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