A look back at the biggest first inning in Phillies history
by Scott Butler 4/9/17

Nats give up 12 in first

Everybody hits, woohoo!

It's not often the Phillies score 12 runs in the first inning. Wait a minute, that has actually never happened in 135 years of Phillies baseball. In case we have to wait another 135 years, this offensive revolt deserves another look. Here's some interesting trivia from the inning:

The Phils were just one run shy of the team record for one inning of 13 runs in the fourth inning on April 13, 2003, in Cincinnati.

Three players (Kendrick, Saunders and Joseph) had two hits.

Three players (the same ones) had multiple RBI. Cameron Rupp was the only player to not get an RBI.

Four players (Hernandez, Kendrick, Herrera, Saunders) scored twice. Freddy Galvis and Aaron Nola were the only players not to score.

Cameron Rupp was the only player to record an out in an official at-bat when he struck out to end the inning. How's that happen? Maikel Franco and Freddy Galvis each had sacrifice flies when they were retired - those aren't considered official at-bats.

And here's a look at the results in the inning for each player and what it did to their batting averages:

Hernandez - 1-for-1, walk, RBI, 2 runs - from .176 to .222

Kendrick - 2-for-2, 3 RBI, 2 runs - from .385 to .467

Herrera - 1-for-1, walk, RBI, 2 runs - from .429 to .467

Franco - 1-for-1, sac fly, RB, run - from .125 to .176

Saunders - 2-for-2, 2 RBI, 2 runs - from .100 to .250

Joseph - 2-for-2, 2 RBI, run - from .000 to .133

Rupp - walk, strikeout, run - from .182 to .167

Galvis - sac fly, RBI - remained at .286

Cameron Rupp is the only player who saw his average drop, and Freddy Galvis's remained the same.

Before the game, the Phillies averaged 3.5 runs per game. After their 17-run outpouring, they now average 6.2 runs. That gives the Phillies the second best offense in baseball.

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