Phillies team leaders and notes - May 19
by Scott Butler 5/19/19

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Phillies 2019 Record: 26-19
1st Place in NL East, 1.5 games ahead of 2nd place Braves
6-4 in their last 10 games

After two close victories over the Rockies, the Phillies took some of the stink off a miserable series against the Brewers. Nola and Harper were the stars of yesterday's win. It was Nola's best outing of the season and Harper's best two-game stretch in a while. Hopefully those two are emerging from their early season slumbers.

This week's notes:


After scoring 13 ruins combined in the finale in Kansas City and the opener against the Brewers, the Phils scored 13 runs in the remaining 5 games.

A large reason for that was a slow week for Rhys Hoskins. He batted .167 with no homers or extra base hits and just 2 RBI. These are the first stumbles for Hoskins all season.

Fortunately for the Phillies, several other players have picked it up lately. Cesar Hernandez has been red hot for quite some time now. He has 3 extra-base hits in his last two games and is hitting .340 in his last 15 games, bringing his average to .301 on the season. Segura batted .414 in the last week and his average jumped 22 points.

Despite his struggles this season, it's amazing the impact Bryce Harper still has on an offense. He leads the team in walks and is now somehow tied with Rhys Hoskins for the team lead in extra-base hits with 21. Even amidst his slow start, Harper is third on the team in slugging and OPS.


Who were the Phillies 4 and 5 starters entering this season? Oh, that's right, it was Nick Pivetta and Vince Velasquez. Neither pitcher is in the rotation and who the hell cares?

Their replacements, Jerad Eickhoff (3.00 ERA) and Cole Irvin (2.77 ERA) have been superb. Eickhoff, if he remains healthy, has enough of a track record to expect he can be a solid piece of the rotation. Time will tell with Cole Irvin, but even if his upside doesn't approach that of Pivetta and Velasquez, he is more likely to be a steadying force without the huge swings from start to start.

After two filthy starts, Zach Eflin finally had a clunker, but that clunker might be as impressive in the grand scheme of things as the two dominant ones. Eflin has put up strings of quality starts in the past, but his lows were equally as extreme. Eflin's bad outing resulted in 4 runs in 5 innings, which is not all that terrible against a hot Milwaukee team.

Hector Neris has been somewhat overlooked this season, but that might change soon. He plowed through the Rockies yesterday for a two-inning save and has his ERA down to 1.86. There's no way Gabe Kapler is going to name Neris the full-time closer, but he is definitely tops on the list.

Now they just need to get Seranthony right.

After 45 games, it's off to the leader board!

Phillies Current Team Hitting Leaders (minimum 50 at-bats)

Average: Segura (.324) 
Hoskins  (.390) 
SLG: Hoskins (.540) 
OPS: Hoskins (.930)
Hoskins (11)
RBI: Hoskins (36) 
Runs: McCutchen (31) 
Extra-base hits: 
Hoskins/Harper (21)
Harper (34)
Harper (61) 
Hernandez (3)

Phillies Current Team Starting Pitching Leaders (minimum 6 starts) 

ERA: Eflin (2.89) 
IP: Eflin/Arrieta (56.0) 
Wins: Eflin  (5)
Eflin (1.09)
Strikeouts: Nola (60) 

Phillies Current Team Bullpen Leaders (minimum 10 appearances) 

ERA: Neris (1.86
Nicasio (20.0
WHIP: Morgan (0.70
Strikeouts: Neris (
Morgan (20)
Saves: Neris (
Holds: Morgan (

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