Phillies team leaders and notes - June 23
by Scott Butler 6/23/19

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Phillies 2019 Record: 39-37
2nd Place in NL East, 5.5 games behind of 1st place Braves
2-8 in their last 10 games

I felt a real connection to the Phillies recently. I had been sick since Tuesday, but I enjoyed the comforting reminders of my favorite ball club every time I coughed up some phlegm. Let's call it Phillies Phlegm.

The Phils have lost a season-high six straight games, 8 of 9, 10 of 12, and 15 of 21. Those are records of 0-6, 1-8, 2-10, and 6-15 if it looks better/worse that way.

This week's notes:

The scary part of the losses recently is that the Phillies are losing despite decent starting pitching, which has been the biggest concern throughout most of the season. The Phillies starters posted excellent outings in four of the last five games. Excluding Pivetta's last start, the Phillies starters allowed 5 ER in 25 innings for a 1.80 ERA. The Phillies lost all five of those games.

But if there is a silver lining right now, the starting pitching is it. Arrieta has had two good starts in a row, Aaron Nola had his best start of the season in his last outing, and Zach Eflin continues to be the ace of this staff.

Also, Nick Pivetta has been much improved. He allowed 1 run over 15 innings in his first two June starts. Despite his clunker in the last outing, he has a 3.67 ERA in June.

The fifth starter is still a frightening scenario. But if the Phils can clean up the first four slots and the offense can start working, this thing can turn itself around really quickly.


I don't even want to look at the negatives here. Go somewhere else for that. Here are some positives instead from the Phillies offense during their six-game losing streak:

Cesar Hernandez is hitting .348 - and he only dogged it once!

Hoskins and Harper both have a .423 on-base percentage. Rhys has a .923 OPS and Harper has an .823 OPS.

On a side note, Kingery actually is just hitting .261 with one homer in the last six games. That surprised me.

At least it's not all bad!

Here's the leader board through 76 games:

Phillies Current Team Hitting Leaders (minimum 100 at-bats)

Average: Kingery (.333) 
Hoskins  (.399) 
SLG: Kingery (.638) 
OPS: Kingery (1.012)
Hoskins (16)
RBI: Harper (52) 
Runs: McCutchen (45) 
Extra-base hits: 
Harper/Hoskins (34)
Hoskins (53)
Harper (94) 
Segura (5)

Phillies Current Team Starting Pitching Leaders (minimum 10 starts) 

ERA: Eflin (2.83) 
IP: Arrieta (91.2) 
Wins: Eflin/Nola/Arrieta (6)
Eflin (1.16)
Strikeouts: Nola (100) 

Phillies Current Team Bullpen Leaders (minimum 15 appearances) 

ERA: Neris (2.59
Neris (31.1
WHIP: Morgan (0.84
Strikeouts: Neris (
Neris (31)
Saves: Neris (
Holds: Morgan (

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