Phillies Blog Articles - November 2018

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: August 2018
by Scott Butler 9/1/18

It was a rough, rough month, but the Phils escaped August just 2 games back of the Braves. We're in a pennant race in September!

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - September 8
by Scott Butler 9/8/18

A month of slumps for Hoskins, Herrera, and Hernandez have to end sometime, right? Maybe Hoskins' homer last night jump starts 'em all.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Valentin, Leiter, Lively - who stays and who goes?
by Scott Butler 9/8/18

Around and around the Phillies merry-go-round goes!

Phillies 2018 Path to PostseasonThe Phillies' path to the postseason is well within reach
by Scott Butler 9/8/18

As flawed as the Phillies are, they still have a very good chance of catching the Braves.

Phillies Empty StadiumOh my gosh, if the hitting coaches are an "incredible tandem," Phillies might be worse off than we thought
by Scott Butler 9/13/18

Praising your hitting coaches may not be the best idea right now. That's the least of the Phillies' problems.

Phillies Old School LogoPhillies Phodder 9/15: Phillies links, stories, and tweets from the past week
by Scott Butler 9/15/18

A great Q&A with John Mallee, what to make of this season, and how much the Phillies' starters have been hurt by defense highlight this awful week of baseball.

Phillies BravesHere are the three (not altogether impossible) scenarios needed for the Phillies to catch the Braves in the NL East
by Scott Butler 9/16/18

The Phillies have to dominate the Braves and do some serious winning against other teams, but there still is a path to a division title.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - September 23
by Scott Butler 9/23/18

Here's your leaders heading into one last (disappointing) week for the Phillies.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Phils willing to trade anybody but Nola and Hoskins...and Santana
by Scott Butler 9/23/18

We are in store for a fascinating offseason, but keeping Santana seems like a major mistake.

Gabe Kapler Phillies Spring TrainingValue at the margins might have cost Gabe Kapler his team
by Scott Butler 9/30/18

Kap has plenty to think about this offseason. Finding value at the core instead of the margins might be the most important.

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