Phillies Blog Articles - July 2018

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: June 2018
by Scott Butler 7/3/18

For the first time since 2011, the Phils reached first base. I consider that a good month.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - 4th of July edition
by Scott Butler 7/4/18

They survived the hard stretch, now they get to feast on bottom feeders, and Klentak talking trade deadline. It's starting to get fun. Happy 4th!

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - July 22
by Scott Butler 7/22/18

Maybe an offensive explosion to start the second half will jump start the Phillies to an...NL East Crown?

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - No Manny, so what's next?
by Scott Butler 7/22/18

No Machado is a huge bummer, but Pat Gillick proved that sometimes it's the little moves that win championships.

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