Phillies Blog Articles - January 2018

John Middleton PhilliesPhillies trade rumors - Trading outfielders, no sell low on Franco, and Mr. Middleton
by Scott Butler 1/1/18

With an extra outfielder, the need for a front line starter, and John Middleton just waiting to spend cash, something's gotta be brewing in the new year.

Phillies CelebrateSecond place is realistic for Phillies in 2018
by Scott Butler 1/6/18

With their offseason additions and a strong finish last season, there's no reason to set our expectations any lower.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Rupp, the Kevins, and Steve...Geltz?
by Scott Butler 1/10/18

How embarrassing to be a Kevin and NOT get hired to be a rotating color radio analyst.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Nick Williams wooing Jake Arrieta
by Scott Butler 1/19/18

Pretty sure Jake's more in love with years and cash, but it can't hurt to try.

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