Phillies monthly review: August 2018
by Scott Butler 9/1/18

Phillies Dugout

Phillies August Storyline

The month of August wouldn't scream of total disaster if you just looked at their overall record of 13-14 for the month. If you remove the four straight wins to begin the month, though, it paints a different picture.

After sweeping out the lowly Marlins in four games at home, the Phillies DID NOT WIN WON MORE SERIES IN THE MONTH. They went through a stretch of 8 losses in 10 games to the Mets, Nationals, and Blue Jays, three teams who will watch the postseason from their couches. Those losses put the Phillies as far back as 4.5 games behind the Braves.

And they way they lost. Mercy. It was just one gut punch after another. When the Phillies coughed up another lead en route to another series loss against the Nationals on August 28, it was just another in a long list of they-can't-come-back-from-that losses.

Despite all the losing, all of the devastating losses, all of the non-existent offense, and all of the sloppy defense, the Phillies still finished within 2 games of the Braves. With 7 of their last 11 games coming against Atlanta, the Phillies are not out of this by any stretch of the imagination.

Onto the monthly stats:

Phillies August Win/Loss Totals

Record: 13-14
Home record: 9-6
Road record: 4-8
Top winning streak: 4
Top losing streak: 4
Series record: 1-6-1
Began month: 59-48, 1st place, 0.5 games ahead of 2nd place Braves
Finished month: 72-62, 2nd place, 2 games behind 1st place Braves

Phillies Totals and NL Rankings for month of August

Phillies Team Hitting August Totals 
Average: .240 (12th) 
Runs: 112 (11th) 
Runs/game: 4.15 (11th) 
HR: 33 (T-6th) 
BB: 78  (7th) 
SO: 231 (9th most) 
OBP: .304 (12th) 
SLG: .402 (11th) 
OPS .706 (11th)

Phillies Team Pitching August Totals
ERA: 4.05 (9th) 
ER: 109
IP: 242.0

Phillies Starting Pitching August Totals
ERA: 3.77 (8th) 
ER: 63
IP: 150.1

Phillies Relief Pitching August Totals
ERA: 4.52 (8th) 
ER: 46
IP: 91.2

Phillies SEASON TOTALS and NL Rankings through August

Phillies Team Hitting Season Totals
Average: .237 (13th) 
Runs: 580 (11th) 
Runs/game: 4.25 (11th) 
HR: 159 (6th) 
BB: 483  (5th) 
SO: 1259 (2nd most) 
OBP: .316 (10th) 
SLG: .398 (11th) 
OPS .713 (11th)

Phillies Team Pitching Season Totals
ERA: 3.87 (7th) 
ER: 518
IP: 1204.2

Phillies Starting Pitching Season Totals
ERA: 3.80 (5th) 
ER: 315
IP: 745.2

Phillies Relief Pitching Season Totals
ERA: 4.00 (10th) 
ER: 204
IP: 459.0

Phillies August Series Recap

(Phillies sweep 4-0)

@Arizona Diamondbacks August 6-8
(Phillies lose series 1-2)

@San Diego Padres August 10-12
(Phillies lose series 1-2)

BOSTON RED SOX August 14-15
(Phillies split series 1-1)

NEW YORK METS August 16-19
(Phillies lose series 2-3)

@Washington Nationals August 21-23
(Phillies lose series 1-2)

@Blue Jays August 24-26
(Phillies lose series 1-2)

(Phillies lose series 1-2)

CHICAGO CUBS August 31-September 2
(Phillies win first game of series)

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