Phillies Blog Articles - November 2017

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Gabe Kapler hire "may be the biggest gamble of the winter"
by Scott Butler 11/5/17

Let's just say not everyone is a fan of the Phils new skipper.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Interest in Cesar, Phillies to make big splash?
by Scott Butler 11/13/17

Be careful around that burner. Hot stove may start heating up soon.

Roy Halladay's FamilyLet's think about the family Roy Halladay left behind
by Scott Butler 11/12/17

His family is in the thoughts and prayers of so many people. Hopefully that can help them recover from this awful tragedy.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Flurry of 40-man and coaching moves, Phils not likely to get Stanton
by Scott Butler 11/24/17

Phils clear some space on the 40-man ahead of the Rule 5 Draft. One name you can expect to go: Carlos Tocci.

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