Phillies Blog Articles - January 2017

John Middleton PhilliesWhere is the Phillies' money going?
by Scott Butler 1/3/17

It's quite possible this rebuild is the best business decision the ownership makes.

Jose Bautista PhilliesYou should be glad Joey Bats is probably not coming to Philly
by Scott Butler 1/5/17

Do you really want to give up a quality draft pick to see a few homers in another losing season?

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - MacPhail says Phils looking for lefty bat
by Scott Butler 1/9/17

Sorry, doesn't look like Joey Bats is in the plans.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Saunders in, Severino out, and Nola says he's healthy
by Scott Butler 1/25/17

Some stuff happened this week.

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