Phillies Blog Articles - August 2017

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: July 2017
by Scott Butler 8/1/17

With Nick Williams aboard, they played with some excitement, won a few games, and dealt who they needed to dealt. All in all a pretty succesful month.

Cesar Hernandez and Freddy GalvisPhillies have a "good problem" with their middle infield
by Scott Butler 8/6/17

Scott or Cesar? J.P. or Freddy? There are worse problems to have.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - August 8
by Scott Butler 8/8/17

Better watch out, fellas, Nick Williams is coming.

Corey Seidman CSN PhilliesCorey Seidman: just "showing people you are willing to do more work than you are asked"
by Scott Butler 8/18/17

CSN's Corey Seidman is quickly becoming the voice of the next generation of Phillies fans.

Maikel FrancoIs it time for the Phillies to give up on Maikel Franco?
by Scott Butler 8/27/17

It's possible the decision has already been made.

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