Phillies Blog Articles - April 2017

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Stassi makes the team and the whole world rejoices
by Scott Butler 4/1/17

Opening Day is just two days away! It's really going to happen!

Phillies SchedulePhillies News & Notes: 2017 Schedule
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

A few tidbits about the Phillies 2017 schedule.

Phillie PhanaticPhillies 2017 numberFire projections
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Opening Day is all about prognosticating and projecting, isn't it?

Phillies LogoAnd the Phillies 2017 Opening Day lineup is...
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Whose names make it onto the first lineup card? And how does it compare to the 2016 version?

Allen Iverson Bud SeligPhillies rumors - Opening Day edition
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Here are the latest Phillies rumors leading up to Opening Day...

Phillies Opening DayPhillies Opening Day history
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Here's a little Opening Day trivia for the 135th Opening Day in Phillies history.

Phillies Opening DayPhillies Opening Day 2017
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Get your fix at Phils Baseball with full coverage of Phillies Opening Day 2017.

Howie Kendrick Michael SaundersBoring = Improvement for Phillies
by Scott Butler 4/5/17

Boring may not sell tickets, but it can generate wins.

NationalsA look back at the biggest first inning in Phillies history
by Scott Butler 4/9/17

That's a lot of runs.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - week number one
by Scott Butler 4/10/17

The leader board is back!

Phillies LogoLet's look at the kids: Phillies Prospect Update
by Scott Butler 4/12/17

This might sting a little bit.

Allen Iverson Bud SeligPhillies links: Phillies stories to read from across the web
by Scott Butler 4/16/17

Here's what all the cool kids are talking about.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - week number one
by Scott Butler 4/17/17

The leaderboard hits week number two!

Allen Iverson Bud SeligPhillies links 4/21: Phillies stories to read from past week
by Scott Butler 4/21/17

John Middleton speaks! And he wants his bleeping trophy back.

Phillies LogoPhillies Prospect Update: April 22 edition
by Scott Butler 4/22/17

Crawford still 102 points away from the Mendoza Line: Yikes!

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - April 24
by Scott Butler 4/24/17

Here's what the leaderboard looks like for a .500 baseball team.

Jimmy Rollins PhilliesPhillies trade rumors - Revisiting Howard's extension, Bruce almost became a Phillie
by Scott Butler 4/26/17

MLBTR was much kinder on that awful contract than I have been.

Phillies LogoPhillies Prospect Update: April 28 edition
by Scott Butler 4/28/17

Crawford is over .100, Alfaro and Hoskins continue to hit, and walk/strikeouts a problem for several Phils.

Phillies LogoThe solution for Vince Velasquez? Become Jeremy Hellickson 2.0
by Scott Butler 4/28/17

Pitch to contact and live on the edges? Velasquez found a great example.

Maikel Franco PhilliesMaikel Franco's hard work finally providing results
by Scott Butler 4/29/17

Franco sticking with his plan, and it's starting to work.

Jerad Eickhoff PhilliesEven in a bad game, Jerad Eickhoff is Mr. Consistent
by Scott Butler 4/29/17

Sometimes a player is most impressive when he is at his worst.

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