You should be glad Joey Bats is probably not coming to Philly
by Scott Butler 1/5/17

Jose Bautista Philies

Watching Jose Bautista blast away in little Citizens Bank Park for 81 games would be a whole lotta fun, wouldn’t it? Joey Bats hitting behind Maikel Franco in the same bat flipping lineup as Odubel Herrera? It would finally give us a reason to watch the home half of innings instead of grabbing another can in the fridge.

This was such a boring offense last year - they were the worst offense in baseball, scoring 39 less runs than the second worst. So, yeah, it would be nice to inject a little fun in there, especially considering we had one of the slowest workers in Jeremy Hellickson on the pitching side and now we added THE slowest working pitcher in Clay Buchholz. That makes for a long season. Bautista could help change that and obviously the Phillies have the money to make it happen.

But we just have to suck it up for another year. 

If you want your baseball team to maybe actually compete for a World Series in a few years, you don’t want Bautista.  Signing him makes the Phillies worse in the future during a time they might actually be competing for something. 

If this was just a straight up free agent signing, that is one thing. The money, like I wrote before, is not the issue.  What matters here is the second round draft pick the Phillies lose to bring him here. 

Here are a few recent Phillies second rounders:

2011 - Roman Quinn

2012 - Dylan Cozens

2013 - Andrew Knapp

2014 - Matt Imhof

2015 - Scott Kingery

Those are legitimate prospects that can make legitimate impacts. And don’t forget the $1 million in slot money they lose.  As Todd Zolecki mentioned, the Phillies specifically went after Mickey Moniak so that they would have extra money to sign their second pick over slot. You think they are going to all of a sudden decide they care more about a few long balls on a losing team?

This is what makes being a GM hard – sometimes the right thing isn’t easy.

And before you start praying for Joey Bats, don't overlook what he did last year:

he hit just .234 average with 22 home runs in 116 games.

That is worse production than Ryan Howard, who hit 25 home runs in 112 games. Still stoked about losing a second round draft pick for more of that?

Not me.

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