Phillies Blog Articles - October 2016

Ryan Howard PhilliesMike Schimdt: "I don't believe [Ryan Howard] was under appreciated"
by Scott Butler 10/2/16

Mike Schmidt offers the first honest assessment of Ryan Howard.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - 2016 season
by Scott Butler 10/4/16

Let's hit the leader board up one more time, shall we?

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: September/October 2016
by Scott Butler 10/5/16

Well, that closes the books on the 2016 season...and in some ways 2008, too.

Poll ResultsPoll Results: Which prospect besides J.P. Crawford are you hoping to see in September?
Posted 10/8/16

Here are the latest results - you can cast your vote for the next question in the sidebar to the right.

Carlos RuizPhillies representing in 2016 postseason
by Scott Butler 10/15/16

And let's be honest with ourselves, everyone looks good in Dodger blue.

Jerad EickhoffDon't underestimate Jerad Eickhoff's value to Phillies' rebuild
by Scott Butler 10/22/16

Everyone wants an ace, but sometimes consistent and reliable is just as important.

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