Phillies Blog Articles - November 2016

Odubel Herrera stealingShould someone be fired for the Phillies' inept baserunning?
by Scott Butler 11/2/16

Matt Stairs came in to fix the hitting, so who is going to fix the awful bag stealers?

Chicago Cubs World SeriesRambling thoughts of a truly epic World Series game
by Scott Butler 11/3/16

Some games are worth talking about, even if it isn't your team.

Klentak MacPhail MiddletonWhat can the Phillies learn from the Cubs?
by Scott Butler 11/5/16

Slow and steady won the race for the Cubs - now it's the Phillies' turn

Phillies ProspectsRevisiting Phillies trades: which Phillies prospects came in which deals?
by Scott Butler 11/13/16

We've seen so many trades, it's hard to keep track anymore.

Phillies ProspectsPredicting the Phillies 40-man roster
by Scott Butler 11/17/16

The Phillies have to have fill out their roster by tomorrow and it won't be easy. UPDATE: I whiffed badly.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - the 40-man is complete!
by Scott Butler 11/20/16

They got all 40 spots filled - guess that means we can't bring back Michael Martinez.

Phillies ProspectsPhillies trade rumors - Phils add another GM to front office
by Scott Butler 11/30/16

That puts four former GM's in the front office: Ryan joins Pat Gillick, Ed Wade, and Dallas Green.

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