Phillies Blog Articles - February 2016

Phillies LogoPlaying Pepper 2016: Philadelphia Phillies
by Scott Butler 2/7/16

A little Q&A looking at the Phillies entering the 2016 season.

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies trade rumors - Biddle goes across the state
by Scott Butler 2/9/16

So much for the local product becoming a local star.

MLB.TV logoMLB settles lawsuit over TV blackouts, so why is nobody reporting it?
by Scott Butler 2/13/16

It's a pretty big story, so why the silence?

Allen Iverson and Bud SeligPhillies trade rumors - Harrison out and Phils look internationally?
by Scott Butler 2/20/16

To the surprise of nobody, looks like Matt Harrison will be no more than a salary dump.

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