Phillies Blog Articles - August 2016

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: July 2016
by Scott Butler 8/2/16

Red hot entering the All-Star break and ice cold after makes for a 13-14 month. Hey, it beats a 9-19 June.

Aaron AltherrIs Aaron Altherr here to stay?
by Joe Messineo 8/3/16

Never ranked as a high prospect, Altherr trying to make his case as an everyday player for the Phillies.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - August 6
by Scott Butler 8/6/16

As we wait for Jake Thompson's debut, here are the team leaders through game number 111.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - August 13
by Scott Butler 8/13/16

Here are your Phillies leaders with 117 games in the books.

Velasquez leaves gameYeah, so about the Phillies starting pitching
by Scott Butler 8/13/16

So maybe this isn't the 2011 starting staff after all... but that might be OK.

Poll ResultsPoll Results: Who do you expect to be traded by the deadline?
Posted 8/16/16

Here are the latest results - you can cast your vote for the next question on the right.

Franco and JosephWhen do the Phillies have a chance at contention?
by Joe Messineo 8/3/16

The Phillies have plenty of young pieces, but do they have enough to contend in the next couple years?

Howard and UtleyIn Chase Utley's return, Phillies fans were the real winners
by Scott Butler 8/17/16

Chase Utley had a tremendous night, but the performance of Phillies fans was legendary.

Howard and UtleyReview of Phillies fan Chip Scarinzi's book: "Diehards"
by Scott Butler 8/20/16

A diehard Phillies fan writing about other diehard fans? This one is right up our alley.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - August 22
by Scott Butler 8/22/16

125 games in, here are your Phillies leaders.

Howard and UtleyCesar Hernandez making his case as the second baseman of the future
by Scott Butler 8/23/16

Hernandez letting his bat do the talking in his make or break 2016 season.

Maikel Franco and Odubel Herrera of the PhilliesAre Odubel Herrera and Maikel Franco building blocks for the future?
by Joe Messineo 8/24/16

The Phillies have plenty of young pieces, but do they have enough to contend in the next couple years?

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders - August 28
by Scott Butler 8/28/16

The pitching is terrible, the offense is non-existent, but other than that things are just rosy.

Franco and JosephTommy Joseph is Maikel Franco: when perceptions don't meet reality
by Scott Butler 8/28/16

Joseph's numbers are very close to Franco's, but is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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