Revisiting Phillies trades: which Phillies prospects came in which deals?
by Scott Butler 11/13/16

Phillies Prospects

The Phillies are reaching the point where many of the prospects they received in trades are making their way up through the minors. Many of these names are already on the 40-man roster and others are likely to appear for the first time during the offseason.

With soooo many trades over the past few years, it's hard to track who came from where and which guys came from which trades, so here's a little cheat sheet.

You might be surprised at how many of these players came through Ruben Amaro trades. As much as I have bashed the guy over the years, much of the roster which we hope will be part of the future core of the Phillies franchise was built with his hands.

Here are the players from eight deals along with their 2016 stats or prospect rankings for players not on the major league roster:

Cole Hamels deal (along with Jake Diekman):

Jerad Eickhoff

Jake Thompson

Alec Asher

Nick Williams (#3 Phillies prospect according to, #48 overall)

Jorge Alfaro (#4 Phillies prospect according to, #58 overall)

Matt Harrison

Ken Giles deal:

Vince Velasquez

Mark Appel (#10 Phillies prospect according to

Thomas Eshelman (#18 Phillies prospect according to

Harold Arauz (3.95 ERA in 22 starts at single-A)

Brett Oberholtzer (plays with Angels now)

Jimmy Rollins deal:

Zach Eflin

Tom Windle (4.68 ERA in 43 appearances at single-A and double-A)

Ben Revere deal:

Jimmy Cordero (#25 Phillies prospect according to

Alberto Tirado (#28 Phillies prospect according to

Marlon Byrd deal:

Ben Lively (#23 Phillies prospect according to

Jonathan Papelbon deal:

Nick Pivetta (3.27 ERA in 27 starts at double-A and triple-A)

Roberto Hernandez deal:

Victor Arano (2.26 ERA in 46 appearances at single-A and double-A)

Jesmuel Valentin (.269 average at double-A and triple-A)

Here is one trade which did not result in much:

Chase Utley deal:

Darnell Sweeney (.233 average at triple-A and just sent to the Dodgers in the Howie Kendrick deal)

John Richy (4.44 ERA in 23 starts at single-A and double-A)

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