Phillies Blog Articles - October 2014

Phillies monthly review: September 2014
by Scott Butler 10/2/14

Phillies September Storyline

The Phillies finally closed out a disappointing season, finishing with the identical 73-89 as the previous season. It was the organization's third consecutive season without a winning record, and their first last-place finish in the National League East since 2000, despite a franchise-record $180 million payroll. The team drew 2,423,852 fans, a nearly 20 percent drop from last season and its lowest season total since its final year at Veterans Stadium in 2003, when they drew 2,259,948.

Phillies September Win/Loss Totals

Record: 11-15
Home record: 4-6
Road record: 7-9
Top winning streak: 2
Top losing streak: 3
Series record: 3-5

Began month: 62-74, last place
--1.5 games behind Mets for 4th place
--16 games behind 1st place Nationals

Finished month: 73-89, last place
--4 games behind Marlins for 4th place
--23 games behind 1st place Nationals

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Phillies rumors October 5-10
by Scott Butler 10/11/14

Bringing back our regular feature on Phils Baseball, here are some Phillies rumors from the past week from the guys at MLB Trade Rumors. They have a page devoted just to Phillies rumors (this is not a paid plug, honest) which we present as only weekly post.

Here are the latest Phillies rumors from October 5-10:

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2014 Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards Ballot
by Scott Butler 10/12/14

Founded in 2009, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) is a collection of over 200 baseball blogs across the nation. Like the BBWAA (Baseball Writer's Association of America), the BBA posts their end of the year awards at the end of every season. Member blogs are tasked to choose the top three rookies, managers, and relievers, as well as the top five pitchers, and the top 10 MVP candidates.

Here is my list:

Connie Mack (Manager of the Year)
Clint Hurdle
Don Mattingly
Matt Williams

Willie Mays (Rookie of the Year)
Jacob deGrom
David Peralta
Ken Giles

Goose Gossage (Reliever of the Year)
Aroldis Chapman
Craig Kimbrel
Mark Melancom

Walter Johnson (Pitcher of the Year)
Clayton Kershaw
Johnny Cueto
Adam Wainwright
Cole Hamels 
Jordan Zimmerman

Stan Musial (Most Valuable Player)
Clayton Kershaw
Giancarlo Stanton
Andrew McCutchen
Jonathan Lucroy
Yasiel Puig
Buster Posey
Anthony Rendon
Anthony Rizzo
Johnny Cueto
Carlos Gomes

The final tally for the BBA will be released starting tomorrow with the Connie Mack (Manager of the Year) award.

John Middleton equals big changes for the Phillies...or not
by Scott Butler 10/14/14

When the Phillies finally announce (or word leaks out) that billionaire cigar guy John Middleton is the majority owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, it should not come as a big surprise. As I pointed in July, an ownership change has likely been in the works for quite some time as the owners prepared for the lucrative TV contract they signed with Comcast last January. 

Regardless of how it evolved, replacing the current stagnant ownership arrangement with one in which the decision maker happens to have the most money invested is big news. If Middleton is the aggressive, hungry owner he appears to be from the limited information we have on him, the announcement could mean serious changes. Perhaps some of the following:

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Phillies should pursue Joe Maddon
by Scott Butler 10/14/14

One of the best managers in baseball just became available. Joe Madden surprised many by opting out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday. Could the Phillies be in on the Joe Maddon sweepstakes?

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Phillies rumors week of October 19
by Scott Butler 10/25/14

MLB Trade Rumors is a site which describes themselves as "a clearinghouse for relevant, legitimate baseball rumors." Each week at Phils Baseball, we grab the latest rumors from their Phillies rumors page and put it all together in one weekly post.

Here are the latest Phillies rumors from the past week:

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Phillies Poll Results: Will Ryan Howard be in a Phillies uniform next season?
Posted 10/26/14

Voting is closed! Here are the results of the poll question, Will Ryan Howard be in a Phillies uniform next season? Here are the results:

Poll Results: Will Ryan Howard be in a Phillies uniform next season?

We are sticking with the Ryan Howard theme for the next question. See for yourself along the right sidebar.

Poll Results Archive

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