So ends my John Mayberry, Jr. love affair
by Scott Butler 9/1/14

Six years later, John Mayberry is finally gone.

Drafted by the Rangers in 2005, Mayberry was Ruben Amaro's first acquisition as GM at the end of 2008.

I was unaware at the time of how my relationship with Mayberry would progress. It was easy to see what Ruben saw in Mayberry. As with most relationships, it began with the physical. Mayberry was 6'6'', 230 lbs, and possessed a rare combination of power and speed. He was also the type of guy to impress Mom and Dad. His father was a professional ballplayer (and a pretty good one), he graduated from Stanford, and even learned Spanish to communicate better with his teammates.

Mayberry was up and down between the majors and minors from 2009-2010. When a .231 batting average as of June 1st forced the Phillies to send Mayberry packing for Lehigh Valley, he appeared to be on a path towards riding buses for his career.

But Mayberry was not ready to call it quits and when he was recalled in July, he made his time count.

From July 22nd on, Mayberry hit .315 with 10 HR, 25 RBI, a .621 slugging percentage, and a .998 OPS. Here are his actual and prorated stats over that period:

Total since 7/22 138 124 23 39 6 1 10 25 13 24 3 2 .315 .377 .621 .998
162 Game Avg 756 680 126 214 33 5 55 137 71 132 16 11 .315 .377 .621 .998

And thus began my love affair. I was convinced Mayberry was the next coming of Jayson Werth, and I projected big things for the new Phillies' slugger. Here's an excerpt:

That said, my projection is that Mayberry will be the Phillies' regular left-fielder at year's end. He will be a huge part of the Phillies lineup in 2012 and will hit around .270 with at least 25 homers and close to 100 RBI's. Prove me right, Big John.

But Mayberry wronged me.

Maybuggles, as I now called him, had averages of .245, .227, and .213 over the next three seasons. His lapses in the field, on the base paths, and at the plate turned me into a scorned lover and he soon became my target of hatred. Ruben Amaro, seeing the pain Mayberry caused me, decided to gently let him down and traded him to our neighbor to the north.

Now a member of the Toronto Blue Jays organization, we can finally part ways.

It was shame to have it play out in the media, but here is a recap of the sordid Maybuggles love affair. Goodbye, John.

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