Reaction to Moyer and Stairs in Phillies broadcast booth
by Scott Butler 2/12/14

The Phillies have their new broadcast team, adding Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs to the booth. Guess they weren’t old enough for Amaro to add to the Phillies 40-man roster – oh snap!

Here’s my gut reaction to the moves:

Jamie Moyer has forgotten more about pitching than I will ever know. I would love to spend the day/week/month with Jamie Moyer. Wait...don’t’s not what you think...I want to talk pitching with him. Anyhow, he brings a lot of smarts to the table. But I remember him as being a nice guy but really, really boring. We’re talking boring enough to plan naps around boring. Some players act completely different when they are no longer playing, but I'm not so sure that is the case with Jamie Moyer.

Matt Stairs is the exact opposite. He is a guy I would love to hang out with for about 4 hours a night/2 days a week/between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am/on the days between Thursday and Sunday. I mean, the dude pounded 2 beers simultaneously at the Wing Bowl. And he smashed quite possibly the biggest home run in Phillies history.


But as far as baseball goes, Matt Stairs is the pinch-hitting version of Ryan Howard who gets paid to do nothing more than swing a big bat really hard. What can a big, probably out-of-shape, pinch-hitting, back-up outfielder bring to the table really? But I have been wrong before. I would have never in a million years thought someone like Mitch Williams, who closed his eyes and threw one pitch really hard for one inning a couple of times a week, would prove to be extremely knowledgeable about pitching and fantastic on MLB Network.

I loved Moyer and Stairs as players but I hate the entire idea of this.

They traded annoying (Wheels) for boring (Moyer) and they traded quirky (Sarge) for cool (Stairs).

This screams Comcast all the way.

The fact that they needed a full month to find their new broadcast team but fired Wheels and his 37 years of experience less than a week after signing their new $2.5 billion deal says it all. It is one thing if they had an immediate replacement with a great resume in mind (think Bill Clement) and had to fire Wheels and Sarge to make room. It is quite another to just toss two guys aside to bring in two others with zero experience. If nothing else, it is disrespectful and a slap in the face to Wheels in particular.

I would expect nothing else from Comcast, a corporation that never let ethics get in the way of making a quick buck. 

I loved Wheels and Sarge in the booth and despise the Comcast Corporation, so my reaction was very predictable - it probably didn't matter who they brought in. I imagine most fans love the move, but I clearly have different mind set when it comes to broadcasters.

That said, I hope these hirings are a huge success, I really do. 

I think Jamie Moyer has a genius level IQ when it comes to pitching. NOBODY in baseball has ever extracted so much success from so little skill - I can’t wait to hear what he has to say. Matt Stairs could be another Whitey in the making. Let's hope they make a great tandem.

At the very least, it will be a lot of fun to analyze the hell out of both of them.

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