World Series proves baseball is unfair
by Scott Butler 10/20/13

Here is a quick lesson about the unfairness of professional baseball.

When the Red Sox or Cardinals win the World Series in less than two weeks, it will be their 3rd title in the last decade. If the Red Sox win, it will be their 3rd in 10 years. If the Cards win, it will be their 3rd in 8 years.

Here are some numbers that prove baseball just 'aint fair.

--Three of the last five World Series winners have multiple titles within the last eight years.

--Of the last 12 World Series champions, 7 of them have multiple titles.

--Each team should win 1 championship in 30 years on average, yet in the last 30 years, 7 teams have multiple championships and 11 teams have none.

--Eight Major League teams still have zero championships in franchise history, including the following five teams who have been in existence for over 30 years without a title:

Mariners - 37 years
Rangers - 53 years
Brewers - 45 years
Padres - 45 years
Astros - 45 years

In the last thirty years, 7 teams have a multiple championships and a combined 18 titles, leaving 12 teams with just one title and 11 teams with none.

If the trend over the last thirty years continues, the 23 teams with one or less championships will average 1 title in 57 years. Those are not good odds.

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