Too soon? Analyzing Phillies 2014 Schedule
by Scott Butler 10/13/13

I just finished putting together the Phillies 2014 schedule and I thought I would share a few (albeit not all that interesting) tidbits.

Let's start with a look at the home and road comparison. It may seem trivial, but the timing of homestands and road trips can have a genuine impact on a season. Start out with too many road games and you could be buried by May. Finish with too many road games and it could cost you the season. That's why I have always been curious about how the travel schedule plays out.

Phillies home versus road games

In 2014, the Phils have a pretty balanced schedule in April and then play 19 of their 27 games in May at home. June is a fairly even split before facing a tough stretch in July, entering the all-star break with a 10-game road trip before returning home for a series against the Nationals. The Fightins have a few more home games in August and the reverse in September. The finish to the season is brutal with a 10-game road trip which includes seven games in California before returning home for a series against the Braves.

Here is a break down of home and away games by month:

0 Home/1 Road
12 Home/15 Road
19 Home/8 Road
14 Home/13 road
10 Home/17 Road
16 Home/11 Road
10 Home/16 Road


At first glance , the schedule is very favorable for the Phillies in that they play 21 series against winning teams and 28 against losing teams. Outside of the division is even better with 9 series against winning teams and 16 against losing ones. Their combined opponents' record is 1,599-1,642 for a .493 winning percentage. They also have a fortunate Interleague Schedule with a combined .474 winning percentage.

But looks can be deceiving. All NL teams face their division opponents six times and play two series against each of the remaining National League teams. The NL East interleague schedule is exactly the same with the exception of one "rivalry series" team that varies. Yes, the Phillies have a decent schedule, but is hardly an advantage if the rest of the division does, as well.

Phillies Interleague Schedule

The Phillies interleague schedule includes Texas, Anaheim, Oakland, Seattle, Toronto, and Houston.


The Phillies begin the season against an American League team for the first time in club history.

They start on the road (Rangers and Cubs) and finish at home (Braves).

The Phillies have a home and home series against the Blue Jays from May 5-8.

The Phillies have three western road trips: Rockies/Dodgers/D-backs Apr 18-27, Angels/Giants Aug 12-17, and Padres/Athletics/Marlins Sep 15-25.

Their longest homestands and road trips are both 10 games.

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