Hey Domonic Brown, you better be careful!
by Scott Butler 10/26/13

One of the first things a team will do when a new player comes to Philadelphia is send them to Pat’s or Geno’s.  While they sit and enjoy a delicious, greasy, cheesesteak (Whiz Wit of course), they need to explain the deal with the Cowboys.  The discussion is simple.  If you are a Cowboys fan, don’t tell ANYBODY EVER.

Clearly Domonic Brown did not have that conversation because he felt it was a good idea to tweet a picture of himself wearing a Cowboys jersey on the same day Dallas pounded the Eagles.  Seriously?  That’s about a 9 on the stupid scale there, Dom. 

DoBo learned the hard way that nothing is funny when it comes to the Cowboys. 

Brown was obliterated by Philadelphia fans and, of course, it wasn’t all G rated stuff.  Many fans took the opportunity to send hate tweets to someone they never met for doing nothing wrong whatsoever.  That’s all I have to say about that.

The bigger new story for me is how he responded.  He tweeted the following to one fan:

@mindycaaat Philly doesn't love me . I get boo's almost everynight . No big deal use to it.

Hey Dom.  See that red, plastic, container over there?  Yeah, that one with Gasoline written on it.  Go ahead and dump it on that twitter fire over there.

This is where it goes from quick sidebar mention to page one news.  It is human nature to want to defend yourself and a lot of players would have escalated things much further, but Dom also had another option: do nothing. 

The fact that he responded at all is what I’m worried about.  It can't be fun to get trashed as a ballplayer and as a human being as Dom was.  But that comes with the territory and he knows it.  Curse and scream to your buddies all you want, but don’t respond in public because nothing good will come of it.

And if you do respond and need to plead your case on two different radio shows, don’t antagonize the host and the fans.  Brown called in to the Mike and Ike show and Michael Barkann mentioned his impression that Dom flaunted it with the pic. Brown interrupted him, ”Hold on, what do you mean flaunt it? I just took a picture and put it up on my twitter. I don't think there's anything wrong with that." There probably is nothing wrong with that, but that kind of talk can get him in big trouble down the road.

Brown survived this ordeal, but how about the next one?

There is no doubt DoBo has heard the boos.  He heard them when he dove for a ball and missed...and he heard them a couple nights later when he played it safe and took one on a bounce. Probably a few other occasions mixed in, as well.

But he aint’ heard nothin' yet. 

If things go the way we hope, Brown will hit 25+ homers with 100+ RBIs over the next few seasons. Then he will sign his first big deal.

Let's pretend for a moment that in his first season with the new contract he hits below .200 in the first month and hits 2 homers, strikes out a lot, and butchers his defense.

NOW he starts to hear the boos.  It is one thing when a young player screws up at $500,000. It is quite another when you have $100 million guaranteed and your suckiness prohibits the Phillies from making any big moves (think Burrell, Howard, and Papelbon).

What happens then?

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