What does Sunday's game say about the character of the Phillies?
by Scott Butler 6/11/13

Sunday was a tough day for Phillies fans who still want to believe this team has a chance. Even worse than losing three of four to a last place team and dropping to 2 games under .500 was how the Phillies appeared to lay down on Sunday.

After allowing four runs in the third inning to fall behind 4-0, Jonathan Pettibone worked a 7 pitch walk. The Phillies would see seven pitches or more in an at-bat just once the rest of the way, averaging 11.6 pitches per inning and just 3.9 pitches per plate appearance.

Here is a breakdown of the number of pitches seen by each player in the lineup.

Pitches per PA
  # Pitches # PA's P/PA
Michael Young 9 3 3
Ben Revere 11 3 3.7
Jimmy Rollins 14 3 4.7
Ryan Howard 9 2 4.5
Domonic Brown 6 2 3
Kevin Frandsen 5 2 2.5
Laynce Nix 9 2 4.5
Humberto Quintero 6 2 3
Jonathan Pettibone 6 1 6
Freddy Galvis 6 1 6

In the 21 PA's after Pettibone's walk, the Phillies managed just one hit (a homer from Quintero) and hit just seven balls out of the infield. While it is quite possible Kyle Lohse deserves much of the credit for stifling the Phillies offense, you have to wonder if it shows a lack of heart.

A great way to determine the character of a player is by watching him when things aren't going his way. I can't imagine it is a whole heck of a lot of fun when you find yourself down by four, six, and eight runs as the Phillies did yesterday. But one of the beauties of baseball is that there is no time clock. A couple seeing-eye hits can become a rally in no time and a four run deficit can be erased instantly. Watching a player work a ten pitch walk, fight off pitches with two strikes, or leg out an infield single shows character.

Another way to determine character is by watching the final out of a ballgame. I hated being the last out in a game and if I was the last out, I would at least go down fighting. That's why I thought it would be interesting to look at the players who made the final out in games during the Phillies' season. Here is list of the number of times each player has made the final out:

Galvis 4
Brown 3
Howard 3
Kratz 3
Revere 3
Rollins 3
Nix 2
Utley 2
Delmon Young 2
Mayberry 1
Martinez 1
Ruiz 1

And what does this all mean? Damned if I know. Feel free to read as much or as little as you want.

And of the 28 final outs recorded during the season, there were 5 fly outs, 2 line outs, 8 groundouts, 3 pop Outs, 1 double-play, 7 strikeouts swinging, and 2 called strikeouts. Again, I have no clue what to make of that, but I'm sure some Sabermetritian can find a way.

This might just qualify as the most pointless stat analysis in the five years of this blog's existence. I guess all it really shows is that there is a stat for anything...

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