Trading deadline may mark Doomsday for Phillies
by Scott Butler 7/30/13

Tomorrow has the makings of a worst-case disaster scenario for the Phils. The biggest advantage to having a bad ballclub on July 31 is that you can start the rebuilding process and get value for players who otherwise are essentially wasting their talents on your team. The Phillies have several players that fit that category, including Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Jonathan Papelbon, Cliff Lee, Michael Young, and Carlos Ruiz.

The Phillies certainly do not look like a playoff team this team or next year, they have a high payroll, diminishing fan support, and not much of a farm system. If the Phillies want to compete, it would seem they need prospects. The fear of this blogger was that the Phillies would hang around the playoff race and not get anything back for guys like Utley and Papelbon. Well, welcome to any even worse fate. What if the Phillies stink and trade nobody at the deadline?

Earlier this year, that seemed impossible, but now it is becoming more and more likely. The Phillies are asking for the moon in return for Lee. Teams have little interested in an expensive, loudmouth closer with an inflated salary. They are trying to re-sign Chase Utley. Chooch has no value and the Phils have nobody waiting to replace him. Jimmy won't waive his no-trade clause and I even heard a report that Michael Young won't, either.

So we will be stuck with a bad team this year and basically the same expensive, old team next year with no new young blood with which to replace them.

Welcome to Purgatory.

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