Time to release Delmon Young, move Brown to right and Ruf to left
by Scott Butler 8/7/13

The Phillies sent Laynce Nix packing yesterday and Delmon Young might be 9 plate appearances away from becoming the next victim. The reason is simple: Young has 290 plate appearances this season and when he steps to the plate for the 300th time, he makes an extra $150,000.

So far, Young has earned $750,000 in guaranteed salary, $600,000 of a possible $2.15 million in performance and roster bonuses, and anywhere from 0 to $600,000 in weight bonuses.  All told, Young has made at least $1.35 million this season.  With Brown and Ruf in need of playing time on a team with no chance of making the playoffs, Delmon Young should not earn a penny more.

His offense has been alright, but 8 homers and a .303 OBP is not enough to warrant throwing more money at him. Couple that with no speed and poor defense and it is time to say bye-bye.

Young served his purpose, but why pay more money if you don't have to?

Brown to right and Ruf to left

On a similar topic, keeping Brown in left and moving Ruf to right is a mistake, although Charlie’s logic is understandable.

"Dom Brown's improved a lot in the outfield," Charlie said. "And he's been playing leftfield and his improvement has actually come in leftfield. I think that his season speaks for itself. Right now, we want to definitely find out what our options are for right. That's where [Brown's] been improving [in left] and that's where he's played. I like keeping him there, basically when you get down to it."

But if the Phillies hope to have both Ruf and Brown in their future plans, the choice for right field must be Domonic Brown.  The biggest difference between right and left field is the throw to third base, which is the longest throw in baseball from right field. Brown has the better arm and belongs in right field.

If the goal is to move DoBo to right field at some point, it makes sense to make the transition now when the pressure is off. It can't hurt to put Ruf in right, but Brown should be the first option.


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