Bastardo 50 Game Suspension: Good news/bad news
by Scott Butler 8/5/13

To learn that Antonio Bastardo was suspended for 50 games for using PED's should be devastating news considering he has a 2.32 ERA this season in a terrible bullpen. In 2013, that news is little more than a conversation starter for a team with no shot at the playoffs.

So here is the good and bad news about Bastardo's suspension.

Bad news first, of course:

The Phillies lose their 7th reliever of the season.

The Phils lose the only reliever outside of Papelbon with a respectable season.

The worst bullpen in the league with an NL high 4.29 ERA stands to get worse.

Now, the good news, which immensely outnumbers the bad news:

The Phils are 11 games under .500 and 16.5 games out in the NL East with 51 games left in the season.  That means Bastardo will not hurt the Phillies playoff chances since they have none.

The Phillies will save money this year.  Bastardo was set to make $1.4 million this year, and the 50 games will be prorated, in which case the Phillies will save over $191,000.  I’m sure the Phillies owners fart that kind of money, but with CBP looking emptier and emptier each day, every little bit helps.

The Phillies will save money next year.  Now that he Bastardo has been busted, it surely will drive his price down in arbitration next year.

Now Jake Diekman can take his rightful place as the Phillies 8th inning guy and top lefty...Kidding!

This is awful news for the few of us left who actually plan to continue watching games because it makes a dreadful bullpen even worse. But of all the times to get caught, he picked a great time considering this will be the first losing season in eleven years.  And thanks to Bastardo for not fighting it (wait, did I just thank a guy who just got suspended for cheating?), he will not affect the Phils next year.

The biggest drawback of the punishment is that it wasn't given to Jonathan Papelbon.

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