Fun facts and trivia from last night's epic 18-inning game
by Scott Butler 8/25/13

Some days it is truly a wonderful thing to own a DVR and I am glad I used it last night. Anyone who lasted the entire game did not get to bed until well past 2 am in an 18-inning marathon.  

The Phillies came oh-so-close to earning their 4th straight walk-off win, which would have been one shy of the record of 5 straight walk-offs by the Royals in 2000. Of course that did not happen, but there was plenty of other trivia to go around. Here are some fun facts from last night’s epic game.

2:12 am finish.

7 hours and 6 minutes in duration, a record for the Phillies and D-Backs.

44 total players used combined.

20 pitchers used, tying an MLB record.

712 total pitches – 395 for Phillies and 317 for D-Backs.

28 walks combined – 18 walks issued by Phillies set a franchise record.

Cloyd threw 91 pitches in five scoreless innings, all coming in extra innings.

Phillies used two position players as pitchers for first time in franchise history.

Casper Wells threw 40 pitches in the 18th inning. His fastball velocity was consistently between 90-91 mph and he also featured a changeup.

The Phillies were 2-for-15 with runners in scoring position and stranded 17 runners, 11 in extras.

Diamondbacks had 6 players with 10 plate appearances.

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