Phillies Opening Day history
by Scott Butler 4/1/13

Before you flip on the TV for the Philllies’ 131st Opening Day in franchise history, here’s a little Opening Day trivia for you.

Phillies Opening Day Records

Phillies overall Opening Day record: 62-66-2

Phillies Opening Day record – Home Games: 23-34-1

Phillies Opening Day record – Road Games: 39-32-1

Phillies Opening Day Record by Decade since 1960:

1960’s: 8-2

1970’s: 5-5

1980’s: 5-5

1990’s: 3-7

2000’s: 3-7

2010’s: 2-1

Phillies Opening Day Starters

--The Phillies have used 72 different Opening Day starting pitchers in their 130 seasons.

Here are the Top Five Phillies Opening Day starters in games pitched:

Steve Carlton – 14 starts (3–9 record)

Robin Roberts - 12 starts (5–6 record)

Chris Short - 6 starts (3–1 record)

Curt Schilling – 5 starts (2–0 record)

Grover Cleveland Alexander – 5 starts (decisions unknown)

-- Robin Roberts holds the Phillies' record for most wins in Opening Day starts with five.

Phillies record by stadium:

Shibe Park (11–3)

Baker Bowl (8-17-1)

Recreation Park (1–2)

Veterans Stadium (2-8)

Citizens Bank Park (1–4)

Let's hope Cole Hamels can add a tick in the win column in the 2013 opener.

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