At least we aren't Marlins fans
by Scott Butler 4/12/13

Remember last offseason when the Marlins were picked by many to win the NL East? Those time certainly have changed. The Marlins dumped salary and players in a way even they had not done before.

It is borderline criminal what the Marlins have done to their roster and their fans. Here's a quick look at how much they have changed in just one year.

Team Salary

2012: The Marlins were ranked 7th in baseball with a payroll of roughly $118+ million.

2013: The Marlins are ranked second worst with a payroll of $35+ million.


Only 12 starters from last season are on the 2013 Marlins roster.


2012: The Marlins had a total of 24 all-star appearances on their roster.

2013: The Marlins have a grand total of 3 all-star appearances on their entire roster.


The Marlins have already been shutout four times.

Here is the worst stat of them all: Placido Polanco has batted cleanup four times and Greg Dobbs has batted fourth five times.


At 1-8 and the worst record in baseball so far, the Marlins are well on their way to becoming the worst team in baseball. Yeah, they might actually be worse than the Astros this season.

Here's hoping the Phils can bury the Marlins even further over the weekend.

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