Phillies trade Vance Worley & Trevor May for Ben Revere
by Scott Butler 12/6/12

Just when you thought the Phillies would leave the Winter Meetings empty handed, Ruben Amaro grabbed a new centerfielder named Ben Reeves and said goodbye to Vance Worley and Trevor May.

This was a nice move for the Phillies.  Ruben Amaro used areas of strength to fix an area of weakness. The Phillies desperately needed a centerfielder. They weren't about to leave Mayberry in center and were not willing to overpay for Bourn or take a chance on Hamilton, so they cashed in a couple chips in a trade.

Ben Reeves is a great addition to this Phillies team.  First and foremost, he is from all accounts an excellent centerfielder. Entering a season with the possibility of Ruf and Brown in right and left, the Phillies needed someone who could cover ground and Reeves can do just that. The only downside defensively is that he has a weak arm, maybe even worse than Juan Pierre according to Jim Salisbury.

Offensively, Revere is your prototypical leadoff hitter who can hit for average, steal bags, and score runs. The 24-year-old is a career .278 hitter with a .319 on-base percentage, a .323 slugging percentage and a .642 OPS in 989 career at-bats. Last season he hit .294 in 553 plate appearances with the Twins, stole 40 base in 49 attempts, and scored 70 runs. The one thing Revere does not have is power: he hit exactly zero home runs last season and had five home runs in 1,755 minor-league plate appearances. Overall, Revere solves the Phillies centerfield problem and will be a good player to have at the top of the Phillies lineup.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, he is young and cheap.

But Reeves did not come free.  The Phillies traded away a solid number 3 and a good pitching prospect.

Worley was fun to watch and could be a solid pitcher in this league, but he wasn’t Ferguson Jenkins.  With three aces at the top of the rotation, the Phillies could afford to part ways with the Vanimal.  The Phils got a little weaker in their starting rotation, but became a lot stronger in centerfield.

If the deal was Reeves for Worley straight up, this would have been a no-brainer.  But the Phillies also needed to give away one of their top pitching prospects. 

Trevor May, a 23-year-old righthander, was listed as their number 2 prospect and was the 69th ranked prospect in the minor leagues by Baseball America before last season. May ran into some difficulties last season with a 10-13 record and a 4.87 ERA at double-A Reading, but he still has plenty of upside potential.

But Ruben Amaro felt he had some flexibility with minor league starters. "We were dealing from what we considered a position of strength." Amaro said. "We've added some talent as far as starting pitching is concerned toward the top with Ethan Martin, Jonathan Pettibone, Adam Morgan and some others. We felt comfortable moving them. The price of doing business right now to acquire players and free agents." 

Hamels, Lee, and Halladay are a pretty good 1-2-3 punch and they gave Amaro the flexibility to work this deal.  They lost a good, young, starter in Vance Worley and a talented minor leaguer in Trevor May, but they received a good, young, centerfielder in return.

With the Michael Young deal hovering, this might be the first of many offseason moves. Acquiring Ben Revere was a nice start.

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